Officially revealed Lan Khue's sexy wedding dress before the wedding

Recently, Lan Khue supermodel has revealed the image of the wedding dresses that she will appear on the day of the flower car will take place in a few days. Accordingly, this wedding dress created by NTK Ha Thanh Duy specifically for Lan Khue, the dress has a streamlined design to enhance the beauty of the supermodel in the big day.

Sharing about the wedding, Lan Khue said she was nervous and expected to marry. Although she has performed many wedding collections, it is still the most special 'wedding show' she has ever attended, because her 'co-star' will be the man who will live with her for the rest of her life. . Because of that, she was looking forward to the "show" of her life every day. ' The wedding is like a fashion show,' the super-model superstar.

The elegant white wedding dress is her first choice.

The dress with sophisticated designs shows the whole beauty of Lan Khue.

The dress is designed with pure white, gentle, flying to help Lan Khue become more beautiful and gentle.

A little while ago, on Hoa's personal page, a long dress and fiance Tuan John shared the first wedding photos. Accordingly, the couple's wedding photos were taken in light concept, made in Paris (France). The photo set captures the happy moments of the couple. Lan Khue chose an elegant white dress, instead of the familiar wedding dress.

Several romantic wedding photos of Lan Khue and Tuan John.

Previously, Lan Khue supermodel and business boyfriend John Tuan Nguyen held a simple meeting on September 24. The questioning took place quite privately, warmly and without the presence of the media.

The long dress embroidered with phoenix bird with gold thread that Lan Khue wears in the questionnaire also costs up to nearly VND 200 million.

It is known that the wedding of supermodel Lan Khue and future husband John Tuan Nguyen will be held on October 4 here at one of the big wedding reception centers on Nguyen Binh Khiem, Da Kao Street, HCMC.