The 3 types of pants below make sure to satisfy even the most fastidious girls

You know, clothes always play an important role in deciding your appearance. Choosing an appropriate outfit will help sick people get more skin and fat people may be slimmer. However, there are not many types of clothes that big legs and slender legs can 'get together' together. One of the designs that you can gain at the same time, weight loss is the standpipe.

1. Dark colored pants

Dark pants are quite familiar to the office girls because the pants are quite smooth and compact, not too tight and not too baggy. From there, create effects to make your legs more straight and slim. Besides, this style of pants is also very elegant, neat and easy to combine with different types of clothes.

Dark tones are always the perfect choice when you want to hide a few kilograms on your body, and dark pants are no exception. With this option, whether you're in a skinny pants or skinny, your legs will definitely be smaller than reality. And even in the hot sunny days, dark pants can bring a warm feeling to you but thanks to the ability to shorten your legs, it's easy to mix & match, so it still deserves your favor.

2. Wide shorts

If big thighs are persistent, and you still want to wear shorts to blend in with the summer air, prioritize shorts. This shape has very good shielding and slimming effect, especially those with 2/3 leg calf lengths that help cover the big calf and legs that are much smaller.

3. Skirt / foot skirt midi

For fashionistas with less slender thighs, be wary of long-form midi made from too thin material. Therefore, it is necessary to select the midi style dress with sturdy fabric, moderate shape to keep comfortable. Dark pants are the 'savior' of the oversized thighs. In addition, the midi outfit combined with the shirt will help them look taller and slimmer.

Not only cover all disadvantages such as big thighs, peanut knees, less smooth legs . this long skirt style also reveals the slimmest part of the legs, "visual fooling" the person opposite that Your feet are small and pretty, no less than sisters. Instant skirt / midi skirt legs are very feminine, elegant, perfect for you to panic from the office to the street.