The first installed wedding flowers brides

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Instead of the fussy, bride hair style can turn himself into a sumptuously lovely Princess with these simple hair style, matching wreaths. The type hint first installed wedding flowers brides.

The bride was thinking of such a wreath?

High bun hair combined with a small bouquet of flowers makes the bride become featured and personality

These flowers point duodao district caused gentle, feminine bride

Lace skirt, an exposed backs and white wreath, the bride looks than many

Simple flower Crown, mounted on the delicate veil bride

Brilliant flower Crown

Combining improvisation flowers created a special wreath

Wreath for fall, spring wedding

Wavy hair lighter romantic with the flowers set the lovely head

This can be for her bridesmaids

Wreath with 2 main color: Pink-Green

With just a flower bride bride to turn enough becomes sweet, seductive

These flowers point duodao district also makes your hair more beautiful bride

Natural loose hair combined with United making the bride hair exactly like a Princess

Crown flowers are combined from daisy flowers, roses, ...

A Crown dainty, delicate

The bride exactly like an Angel with Garland

Wavy hair brush with simple wreaths

Plaited hair, wrap it into a circle then add a few small white roses spike

The small white flowers into the first team round like a beautiful cloud.