The 'golden rule' when choosing wedding shoes

a pair of wedding shoes fit and match the wedding theme will be the focal points of note for the bride for the big day, wedding shoes, wedding theme, fits, accents ...

Comfort is a top priority

Because you will have to go to wedding shoes all day and it made the important ceremonies of the wedding should ask about the comfort to put on top. If the shoes you like too narrow or too wide, the better off you should find other couples. Some shoes look seems in fashion, wedding gown match but can be uncomfortable. When choosing shoes, don't be fooled by their extravagant appearance, the bride needs to try to see if we can feel uncomfortable or show up.

Select the shoes you like

If you have previously searched on net, define the type of shoes I will go in just under that figure. Should not change the decision in the process of going to choose in the shop, by may you will have the choice to not match. Remember that you need to buy shoes, bring the feeling of comfort, pleasant. Buy the shoes you like wedding suit medium, convenience when reused in other special occasions.

Note to the forecast

If the wedding is held in the winter, please choose the shoes, the shoes have the horizontal neck nose creased ankle to just keep warm but still stylish. Meanwhile, the shoes had high heels from the emperor to the nose will help dry the feet if the wedding takes place on rainy days.

You should prepare a backup pair of shoes

Choose wedding shoes đẹpKhi you choose a pair of high heels to go back in the day of wedding will help you tone up the momentum and confidence in the wedding ceremony. However in the wedding you will have to go back a lot though the shoes that are comfortable to go then it will cause you any inconvenience. So you should be prepared to add a bệt to change shoes when you go ask the guests or guests. This will help to make you more confident and not been leg pain when having to go a the heels during the ceremony takes place.

Buy the same shoes wedding dresses

The importance of wedding shoes are not appreciated as the other great costumes, especially when it is often long skirts covering. So, most brides choose to buy the shoe last, after other things ready. However, if buying shoes at the same time with the wedding dress, you will be choosing the right color, matching designs.

Matching shoes with wedding dresses

Many brides do not keep this in mind and choose the expensive shoes for the wedding. Although they look classy, expensive but could not match the dress. This significantly reduce the beauty of the dress. If the decision to wear a white wedding dress, the bride should choose shoes have shades of similar colors. If not the white wedding dress, the shoes color ivory would be combined.

Go try it before the wedding day

Often, the bride will buy shoes before the wedding. Take advantage of the period of time before the wedding to train with a new pair of shoes. Shoes at work, when at home, go play ... If not comfortable, should you decide to replace the other couples as soon as possible.

Select the theme for the wedding shoes

Most of the brides prefer buying shoes wedding themed set. This increases the more effects, helps create the perfect facade for the wedding day. It also reflects the gu, the personalities of the bride. Your wedding day is a special day, so choose things that can create a distinctive and prominent strokes.

Select the shoes according to the wedding venue

The bride should choose shoes that fit each specific wedding ceremony. If the wedding garden, select shoes bệt shoes or canoe. With the wedding on the beach, should choose shoes or sandals da DAO. Weddings in hotels, restaurants or churches, these shoes with high heels, fashion will fit the bride.

Select exactly the height of the shoe

High heels have many different level as 12 cm, 10 cm, 7 cm, 5 cm ... Customize the comfort that you correct the size yourself. Should not experiment with these shoes is too high when the bride has not yet acquainted, you will encounter many difficulties when travelling in the wedding.

Prepare the full money

When choosing shoes, if not need to weigh to budget, you will feel more comfortable. If there is money rủng rỉnh, the bride should choose a shoe for private seating, greeting at the desk and at going for the honeymoon. Conversely, if there is less money, to find the shoes easy to combine with several outfits, background color to be used for many different occasions.=

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