Whoever said sportswear is not sexy, look at how these 5 idols wear you will think differently

First, let's talk a little about the nature of Sporty Chic style. Sporty Chic is not a sporty style. Many girls mistakenly think that this style should only be worn by gymers, yoga, football, volleyball, basketball players . and normal girls are just wearing normal clothes.

Na Eun (Apink)

Na Eun is a loyal follower of sporty chic style, both sporty, active and sexy. These outfits are usually worn by female idols walking the streets or at the airport.

Na Eun's sporty outfit is a bit more sexy by wearing indifferent shoulder-dropping blouse, showing off her waist and slim waist.

With the whole black outfit, Apink member hit on the striking pink bomber jacket, both feminine and not losing sporty.

Jennie (Black Pink)

Jennie favored the set of "ant" clothes. White T-shirt with waist, pants and underarm pockets shows the idol's "high-handed" in conquering sporty chic style.

With a set of high-heeled boots and dusty jogger, Jennie is very cool but still sexy.

When wearing wide pants and sports shoes, Jennie added femininity to her outfit with a shoulder-length shirt with a beautiful flower-attached handbag.

Chung Ha

Prefer dynamic costumes, personality style but still exudes elegance, Chung Ha is a symbol of sporty chic style.

This style is often worn by female idols both on the street and on the catwalk. Croptop tops, elastic waistband shorts or big round earrings like her are all featured items of sporty chic.

When wearing tank tops and wide-leggings, Chung Ha combines high heels and ponytail to look more attractive.

So Yeon ((G) I-DLE)

So Yeon is cool but still has a feminine look when wearing items that are best friends of the sproty chic style: jogger pants, tank tops and sports shoes. is a "buddy" of sporty chic style: jogger pants, tank top and sneakers.

With a strong body, So Yeon is very suitable for the sassy, ​​powerful items.

The platinum blonde hair color and the sharp makeup make her sporty chic outfit more outstanding.

Ryu Jin (ITZY)

JYP beauties wear this style from stage to daily life. Sportswear is always emphasized by feminine items by Ryu Jin.

Ryu Jin beamed with mesh tank tops and leggings. The tight-fitting suit helps the idol girl show off her body curve but still comfortable and comfortable.

She wore a crotop long-sleeve sweatshirts mix with jeans shorts to show off her waist and long legs.