12 reasons why you lose fat failure

You've planned and try to persevere in pursuing the goal of reducing fat. But your weight without any change would even always ...

1. Stress

Stress and obesity seems not related to each other but in fact they have quite the relationship closely. Because stress causes the production of cortisol-hormones-place stronger blood sugar, the body's metabolism takes place slowly so you will eat more. In this case, you should try yoga, meditation or exercise a persistence of sports.

2. Drink lots of coffee

The caffeine in coffee stimulates production of adrenaline-substances that increase blood sugar and of course your weight so that go up due to the amount of fat stored in the body even more. Will more wisely if you choose green tea when want to awake body and reduce stress.

3. Not enough calcium

President of Association of experts on obesity in Australia-he Melaine McGrice said: " effect of calcium stimulates weight loss." Your diet should ensure the necessary calcium and should supplement the soy milk!

4. Eating in the dark

Compelling evidence you should eat in the sunshine during the day because when the sun touches on the retina, a message will be sent to the liver and from this new fat metabolism is really effective. What should you be eating the main meal at noon and avoid eating much in the evening.

5. Eat watching tv

The Group of scientists from the University of Birmingham said those watching television just a meal do not usually focus on meals for so they are usually eaten long ago and not remember what to eat. You should focus a meal in about 30 minutes, chew slowly and don't forget to turn off the television!

6. Sleep not enough sleep

The Organization of research on women's health of the United States of America (US Nurses ' Health Study) investigation 68000 women and found that people who sleep less are more prone to suffer obesity. Lack of sleep causes the amount of hormones stimulate the feeling hungry cortisol and ghrelin increase. Reasonable period of time to sleep in a day is from 7 to 8 hours.

7. Go high heels

Women often prefer to do designs with these cute heels. However, high heels is the agent makes you lazy, lazy. The scientists said that fat people should exercise 60 to 90 minutes a day. So, let's enrich your shoe cabinet with a pair of sport shoes.

8. Read more magazine

This reason may sound silly. However, thought, every time open the magazine boys photos of celebrities and supermodels, you will throw it back and have a little disappointed? Then, you will start looking for the scroll kept their shape? Psychology experts recommend that you should not create stress for yourself that way that make going to the exhibition and admire the portraits of real-life words!

9. Fast food

You make very precise diets, science, however you can not come back into the habit of fast-food shop at too hungry or on the weekend. This is exactly why your weight always tends to go up.

10. Lack of positive activities

There are those who adhere to strict diet according to their menu, but is lightly sketch out the exercise. They don't know that the exercise can help metabolize the fatty tissue into energy in the process.

11. Diet and disease

While many people can not hold your dining desires, then some people set for themselves a too harsh, this is also the cause of exacerbating the problem.

Raw vegetables, a food can not lack in the diet. But few people know that if you use too many raw vegetables will lead to inflammatory disease, stomach ulcers ...

Many people eliminate fat off menus by fear of the harmful effects of cholesterol in the blood. But the main cholesterol just enough back helps protect blood vessels from the hardening of arteries.

Recent research indicates, the weight loss is the cause leading to immune system disorders ...

12. genetic Gene

All causes of obesity above come from yourself except caused gen. Some people born in the obesity gene has been passed down from grandparents, your parents. They themselves are always heavier than normal because they have the appetite "innate". Obesity due to genes only "relieved" If you exercise hard and adhere to the diet is extremely strict.=

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