18. help reduce menu in 6 days

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Safe and effective weight loss is simple.

There have been many times when you feel yourself real ugly in the mirror, no longer the curve anymore, instead the real fat ngấn. You've been fasting in the morning, eat less rice, not eating meat but it was useless. So why do you not try weight loss menu effect just below will bring true efficiency.

The principle of this weight loss menu that offers a very low in calories and fat but still ensure nourishment to the body developed normally. Breakfast every day according to this guide, accompanied with fruit pies, side breakfast option but don't eat too much and avoid foods high in sugar is you've made weight loss menu properly.

To lose weight effectively, you need to proceed according to the menu below:

-Breakfast (13 h): 100 g rolled cake, 1 cucumber.

-Lunch (11 h): 2 backs Rice Bowl, 30 g of lean pork 300 g, 1 teaspoon cooking oil (do not need absolute diet cooking oil as many other regimes, have flexibility for on the food preferences).

-Extra Breakfast (6 h): 200 g fruit (preferences, choose less sugar).

-Dinner (18 h): 1 back rice bowl, tomato Braised tofu (tofu 100 g tomato 30 g), 300 g spinach, 2 teaspoon cooking oil.

-Drinking water in the filter Cup 9-12 days.

Simply proceed according to the menu below, you can lose weight is as you like without fasting or use any type of weight loss pills.=

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