3 movements help body fat goal just 10 minutes before bed

Every day, before going to bed you should spend a bit of time volume varies by fitness weight loss article below, you will get a suspicious results but you must persist the new workout is probably the effect and efficiency of it.

Lumbar mobility exercises.

Lumbar mobility exercises

It is also one of the exercises she should file in the evening before going to bed, to avoid excess grease to the waist area while helping the waist more compact. You sat out folding tripod, left leg stretch the right leg back. Against the right hand under the floor, raise your right arm horizontally with the role. Charged people about the position. Then you repeat this movement with your left hand hold it horizontally with the role. While performing, you maintain a deep inhalation will take effect for solid abdominal muscles and more compact.

Full body exercises

You supine, and two hands to stretch close to the body, begin to lift the legs up and down as shown. Repeat this action 30 times.

Lying sideways, a hand against his head, a hand-rails on the bed, lift your right foot if is right, pick up the list to the left leg if lying on the left side, note the top of the toe are driven down below, heel up, and lift the vacuum co 1. Each side pick up about 20 times. After lifting the last leg movements (20th) ends, you have to stop for a while and then switch sides, so you switch sides about 4 times.

Combined with abdominal exercises

Combined with abdominal exercises.

To perform this exercise, you supine, keep both hands in parallel with each other. Breathe in, kicking the legs up, and repeat constantly, two feet from each other at an angle of 45 degrees. Repeat this action from 14 to 16 times each evening is how volume decrease belly fat effectively.=


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