4 summer fruits as possible eat more and lose weight fast

in the coconut fruit contains saturated fats should will stimulate your metabolism and help you lose weight effectively., weight, fruit, summer fruit ...

Water makes up about 70% of our body weight. It plays an important role in the body, from the independent agency award to the absorption of nutrients. In addition to drinking water, about 20% of the amount of water we have is through food.

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In coconut-containing saturated fat will help you lose weight effectively.

Many fruits and vegetables have a high water content of more than 90%, is the perfect choice for a light meal to help the body retain water to lose weight efficiently in the summer.


The fruit not only help sisters losing weight fast but also very good for the body. Lower bad cholesterol levels contribute to grapefruit, blood purification efficiency. Besides, many of the medical evidence also shows that the fruit can help to optimize body functioning colon cleansing and purification of the liver.


In coconut-containing saturated fat should will stimulate your metabolism and help you lose weight effectively. Not the world that coconut oil also treat diseases such as constipation, scratched the skin recovery efficiency.

If you are interested in the effect of beauty should use regularly to have smooth skin, acne, clean a shiny clean hair dandruff and also processing a lot of dishes are delicious and nutritious.


Lime juice is rich in vitamin C helps the body remove đôc elements and enhance immunity. So, half a lemon over the phase with a glass of warm water every morning will be a great choice if you want to purify the body.

In addition, the lemon has the effect of promoting metabolic processes take place more quickly. Polyphenol concentrations in lemons also helps you anti-aging, healthy beautiful skin for you.

Lemon has the effect of enhancing the acidity in the digestive system, which helps the body absorb calcium is easy. This promotes the burning of fat in the cells more efficient purification process of dissolving excess fat. Thanks to the possibility that, lemon can help us to effective weight loss.


Cucumber contains 95% water, a glass of cucumber in a glass of water. Cucumbers also provides a little fiber and some vitamin C (about 6% of the daily value per cup) help you lose weight effectively. Therefore, you should not limit the consumption of cucumber. You can become a large cucumber processing for easy eating fried dishes such as mushrooms and cucumbers, do the mannequin, salad ...=

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