5 routine in the evening as do more and lose weight

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No need to make diets, rigorous exercise, you still have a balanced physique, white skin red, radiant with the food eaten in the evening here.

Picture 1 of 5 routine in the evening as do more and lose weight

Picture 1 of 5 routine in the evening as do more and lose weight

Eating bananas in the evening helps weight loss.

Milk sugar

If you drink warm milk no bedtime, it will help you burn excess fat exists in the body. You should note, select hot milk instead of cold milk and the milk you drink sugar-free milk should be, contain less fat.

Also, in a daily diet containing the proliferation of products made from milk, you will easily control the weight and help the body healthy, relieve tired even when you make a strict diet ration. Not only help lose weight, drinking milk is also the way you take care of your skin when you are dieting.

Light dinner

According to women's Health, if you want to wake up with a refreshing feeling, you should limit eating salty dinner. Salts are hoarding, the body can not keep up, causing you to have eliminated the heavy feeling in the morning.

Turn off the lights in the bedroom

According to research on animals was published in the journal the Journal of Pineal Research, the hormone melatonin may help the body produce more Brown fat to burn calories. That can happen when you sleep in the dark. So make sure that the bedroom does not have lights to boost your weight loss.

Reduce the temperature in the room

A study showed people sleeping in a room temperature between 19 degrees C can burn more than 7% of calories compared to the Group slept in the room 23 degrees C.

Eat bananas

Eat a banana before bed will help your sleep was deeper and more delicious. In addition, the banana has the ability to liberate the energy while you are sleeping, so eating bananas in the evening is how miraculous weight loss that you don't need to exercise.

Moreover, bananas are the very foods rich in fiber and low in calories, a banana only contains from 80-100 kcal so long, bananas were women believed used in daily weight loss menu. If you've missed eating too many foods rich in starch and fat for dinner, it is best that you should eat more then a banana.=

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