Being fated, Huy Khanh's wife reduced the speed of 3kg in 1 week by this way, making netizens look and respect

A few months ago, Huy Khanh's wife, Mac Anh Thu, was slightly fat. That's why she decided to do weight loss.

After reaping the benefits of losing weight, losing 3 kg successfully within 3 weeks, Huy Khanh Anh's wife shared the secret of losing weight for everyone: "A reasonable diet to help lose weight gently is not tired fatigue, no pressure is simply applied according to the following basic principles:

Huy Khanh's hot body tightened with a bee's back

Eat more vegetables, meat / fish and eat less rice, if you eat, you should only eat brown rice. It is not advisable to cut off starch completely, just reduce it.

Drink enough water every day on average from 2 liters / day. For people with height, it should be 4-5 liters / day to be enough for metabolism and purification of toxins in the body.

Absolutely avoid all kinds of water with gas, sweets . weight loss will achieve the desired effect.

She often practices

Every day, try to get 30 minutes of activity (swimming, jogging / fast walking, yoga or gym to burn excess energy. If you do so, it is certainly both healthy and beautiful, not fat. used more than 3 weeks reduced 3 kg "

Previously, actor Huy Khanh had been exasperated loudly on the personal page with those who criticized his wife who were not beautiful model Mac Anh Thu.

Huy Khanh's wife had been criticized before

The whole time Huy Khanh's family had a whole family trip in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh. Mac Anh Thu commune has shared the comfortable moments with her husband and children with a rustic face and a slightly fat body. Immediately there were many negative comments, commenting that Huy Khanh's wife was less sharp when not wearing makeup.

Specifically, the image of her skin is not white and her face is freckled, making her face sink when standing next to a handsome husband. In addition, big puffiness makes the spirit of Mac Anh Thu become tired. The body of Mac Anh Thu is also slightly fat, the curves are not clear, making her look unbalanced.