Belly fat reduction principle, who does not know can not reach

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Now there are many ways to help my sister get in shape compact in a natural way, here is also one of the many simple, easy method to do back safe to help you get the perfect body.

Photo : Belly fat reduction principle, who does not know can not reach

Belly fat reduction principle, who does not know can not reach Put roasted salt directly onto the parts such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs help reduce fat efficiently.

Apply the belly, buttocks, thigh is homemade mixture supports the reduce fat, lose belly fat effectively. When using this mixture in combination with the tourist vans impact would create a flow of hot air "fat burning" melting effect.

What you do at the moment is supine on a side plate or on the bed to make. You can refer to the mixed type:

Apply the hot salt

You roast a spoon to salt, then pour salt on roasted medium a towel then put the weapon to the abdomen, thigh, or buttocks, and. the heat of the salt will melt fat faster beat. To increase the effectiveness of "fat burning" you should apply at least 3 continuous minutes each day before going to bed. Apply the mixture of ginger liquor

Ginger, washed, drained, pounding soaked in alcohol. You can use according to the ratio of 1:1 means 1 kg ginger will dip with 1 liter of alcohol. After 1 month you take out on ginger wine mixture used to DAB up the abdomen, massage for 3 minutes and then rinse with clean water. Here's how to reduce belly fat fast and extremely effective that regardless of who also can do every day. Make sure after 1 week you apply this ice down your waistline will shrink at least 4 cm. The note when apply salt

-Select the type of clean salt and be sure to avoid the allergen.

-When the ice down to avoid the wound because the salt can cause pain or irritation.

-If there is no time, you can buy bags of salt available and warm up before use.

-Can use Salt again, however, we should change the salt after several times use to achieve better efficiency.

-Next to apply salt, you should also combine with diet rich in vegetables. In addition to reduced waist support, it also can help to !