Best fat loss diet and most effective

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Low fat diet (low-fat) and less starch diets (low-carb) is considered the diet to help lose weight.

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Please have the good way to lose fat fast.

However, the "schools" would be viewed as effective for still in the debate of the "faithful" to want to lose weight. The researchers in the National Institute of Diabetes Digestive Kidney Diseases-disease – (NIDDK) for that "low-fat" will be more effective in reducing excessive fat of the body.

The researchers did survey on obesity 19 people are said to make diet in two stages.

In the first phase made lose 30% of calories through the restricted food containing more carbohydrates but remains the same amount of fat.

The following stages will contrast with the limit of fat provides energy and carbohydrates. Fat loss is calculated based on the differences in dietary fat and the amount of fat oxidized fact was measured in the Chamber. Results after calculations take into mathematical models have shown that the regime of "low-fat" helps reduce the amount of fat the body even more.=

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