Collapse the body-aspirations of all you ladies

(Weight loss)- I was really successful in his own way. Now I want to share it with all you girls need a sentence like to lose weight. HJ!

The basic instinct of the daughter is always jealousy and jealousy, I'm also not exceptions, look at the girl have compact, round do that round out that I found annoying when looking back at the body map'm lookin'.

The highest weight I've ever achieved is 60 kg. My height is fixed which is still 1, 62 m. I was always afraid of exposure and inferiority with his weight. My daughter, who doesn't. I plunge into loss but all failed because I did not have a proper method.

To this point, everything was better, my weight is 52 kg, looks neat in appearance than many. I started her weight loss program in early April, 2013. At the time, due to the nature of the job so I want to do and always dreamed of a compact body. I had to fight myself to make weight loss program through the workout, eat and use more food aid weight loss.

The first day, I met a lot of difficulties. Because from the time before I never tried any drug of any weight loss although overweight status with me took place for many years. I started to consult and find out about how to lose weight through the article on the network.

I wandered on the website about weight, join the Forum or share about the weight loss. Actually there are many shared or and they were successful, but take a long time, that I could not continue to stick with the nu support body more. I started thinking of the yeast mon weight to accelerate to get in shape that I desire. Also unfamiliar with gaming brand weight loss drugs relatively difficult choices. But nothing to lose, I decided to lick the mouse on 1 weight loss product that I see many comments effectively about it. Rich Slim, unfamiliar name that I first heard translated sure are rich on natural (sure hi). Because I find constituents from natural herbs, as I thought then but what is natural herbal combination if it doesn't work with my body, it will not cause the side effects, it made me more confident and less anxious. I purchased the product and contact, hands and then just worried just fun fun.


2-3 on top of the trial medication I feel slightly tired body, certainly is not yet familiar with the drug. Add a few days, everything seemed to progress better. After two weeks of body feeling seems different I step up weight, my weight started to evolve, did I lose 2 kg. However, I also began to see that I don't think can reduce so quickly. Before trying any type of smoking or weight loss method, I also just 0.5 kg, reducing finishing somewhere back in, weight increase vù vù. But thankfully the process I use weight reduction and still not gain weight back while I was still eating normally. That gives me a strong motivation to continue slimming program of their own. Adhere one month I have reduced FCR. And this time I had a combination of exercise and eating a more scientific way, to keep the level that I'm there.

After a three month, I felt satisfied with their weight, though the goal I set out not just stop there. I've reduced body fat, FCR 8 signed that fat, horrible.

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