Do dissipate fat in the body

You have tried almost everything from exercise routines to non junk food. But you still find it difficult to cut in a few kilogam. Your problem here is what? ...

(Weight loss)-the key is you need to burn excess fat in the body. Here are 15 tips will help you burn fat not needed are stored in the body.

1. Eat more fat

Don't think that because of the fear of fat that avoid eating fat, because there are good and healthy fats such as Omega 3 fatty acids is good for the body, helping to increase your concentration, improves memory and improve insulin sensitivity that is improving the ability to reduce blood sugar with insulin among diabetics. When additional healthy fats into the body, you will feel able to control part of their diet and eventually help you lose weight.

2. additional fiber in the diet

Another way to burn fat is to strengthen more fiber in the diet to regulate the bowel. If not eating enough fibre can lead to constipation, constipation that can be a reason for bloating, and can make the body unable to remove fat. Fiber is found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

3. Reduce stress

Please take a little time for yourself by doing anything to reduce stress. For example the set of breathing and meditation as a daily routine. Stress can cause you can't lose weight because the more the more you eat the more stress. Stress will also improve the immunity, reflections and always sober.

4. Enhance vitamin D

Sunshine vitamin may cause you difficulty losing weight. Vitamin D is considered to have the effect of weight management. So, should go out each morning to get sunshine and fresh air.

5. Get enough sleep

You may be surprised, but lack of sleep is a major cause of weight gain. Go to bed early and get up early will help you always feel better and reduce stress must, at the same time lighten the skin, glossy hair.

6. Calcium supplements

Calcium deficiency can slow the process of metabolism. Enhances calcium intake can significantly reduce the risk of obesity. So, should drink milk and eat more fat yogurt ... will be very good for the body.

7. Eat a big breakfast

Start your day with a healthy breakfast and full. People who eat breakfast no will more likely higher metabolism and lose weight faster than those who did not eat breakfast. You can have breakfast accompanied by fruit juices, vegetable juices and nuts ...

8. Eat many small meals during the day

If you start the day with a breakfast pretty much, you won't risk appetite during the day. But be careful with eating habits according to the mood or emotion or stress the at so should eat small meals instead of eating a large meal. This will help better metabolism and burn more fat.

9. Drink more coffee/tea

Although tea and coffee were not encouraged to drink more, but can not deny that the caffeine in coffee and catechins in tea raises the metabolism of the body. You can also SIP green tea/herbal supplements with similar effects.

10. daily breathing Exercises

Relieve stress, and worry. This helps to burn more fat in the body. In addition to the breathing exercises are a great way to make your abdominal muscles toned.

11. Eat more fruit

The phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables have been assisting fat loss because they decompose fat in fat cells. So, each day should eat a few pieces of fruit and vegetables a day, this food also contains low calories.

12. Campaigning all day

Can't exercise all day but you can still have his body in the State campaigning and doing some simple exercises, such as take stairs instead of the elevator, down to the bus stop and walk to where the need to walk, the break in the workplace ... Will all contribute to help you lose weight.

13. Drink more water

Water is the best beverage you can drink if you want to lose weight. Drink a quart of water each day increases the metabolism of the body and burning the most stubborn fat.

14. Serve hot

Eat spicy foods may also increase your metabolic rate, and can awaken the nervous system and help you fight fat.

An equally important thing it is to have a positive attitude towards everything and you will surely reap positive results.

15. Use of functional food

Functional food Rich Slim may help reduce blood fat, blood pressure, anti-aging, anti-radiation, do help the skin smooth and refreshed.

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