Eat dinner to how to lose weight fast?

Everyone wants to lose weight fast, effective weight loss. But wants to rapid weight loss process then you need to know How to eat the meal of the day for the rational and scientific.

Dinner is a meal will make you eat a lot, especially if you don't eat much in the morning. However the dinner is packed will keep for you the most calories so you need to choose the proper bias and should give about the food meagre.

Lose weight but not fasting is always dreaming of the beautiful. Here are the things you should note to supper no just not gaining weight.

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Lose weight but not fasting is always dreaming of the beautiful.

The total amount of calories for dinner

You need to provide about 450 – 550 calories in dinner. If you want to lose weight, you keep near 450 levels. If you want to maintain weight, exercise, you keep near 550 level.


About 20-25% of the calories of your dinner should be the protein, the equivalent of about 25-35 grams. Proteins necessary for reproducing and maintaining muscle and because your body has many in renewable activities at night. This substance also makes you feel satisfied, not eat more.


Let's Eat from 15-25 grams of fat, the equivalent of about 30-35% of total calories in the evening. Instead of consumed saturated fats such as beef, cheese, eat unsaturated fats such as olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, butter left nuts.


To help you gain enough fiber each day 25 grams, eat at least 8 grams in the evening. You can eat foods rich in fiber such as whole grain rice, vegetables have powder, beans, a little fruit or the kind of fat that contains fiber such as avocados, and nuts.

Soothing dinner

You should eat dinner before 10 h to the food up before you go to bed. Furthermore the evening the body will not need more energy so a light diets will be good for your weight. You can eat half a cup of rice + one cup of soup/green vegetables at dinner just make sure no health worry about gaining weight.


If you plan to exercise after work, eat light at around 16 h 30. After that, you can work at 5 pm, in round 1h and 19 h 30 at 19-dinner.

However, dinner at the time would not affect the weight if you still maintain the total calories in the permitted threshold.=

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