Ever cried because of excess fat, to have a 'perfect' body Elly Tran did these simple things

Elly Tran is famous as a beauty with a hot body. However, the decision-making phase of women will begin after they have given birth. Elly Tran must face the excess of postpartum fat like many other women. Not to mention, she had two angels so the pressure of keeping her body was even bigger.

Most women after birth will have to suffer from local fat excess in the waist, biceps, thighs. At that time, the body becomes less firm, the skin condition is broken, the appearance of aesthetics appears.

In order to have a standard body, Elly Tran did not need to lose weight according to the following method:

Elly Tran was quoted by the Japanese newspaper as "a thousand-year-old beauty".

Appropriate diet

For Elly Tran, she is particularly interested in eating, exercise and resting regimes so that they are reasonable and effective.

Her secret is to stay away from foods that are high in fat and starch. Instead, eat plenty of green vegetables, fruits and fruits to provide essential vitamins and fiber, to help you lose weight fast and help your skin stay bright and rosy. Besides, she only ate lean meat and fresh fish to provide enough protein and calcium for her body.

After giving birth, two little angels Elly Tran became more and more beautiful

Gym and get enough sleep

Elly Tran is a very hardworking beauty in gym and yoga in parallel with the diet. Besides, getting enough sleep and staying comfortable is one of Elly Tran's secrets.

Besides, eating a lot of fruits containing high levels of vitamin is also a way for 2 mothers to have soft skin as expected.

She was always a sure mother

Massage belly fat with coconut oil

The secret to improving the condition of her belly fat is to massage every day with coconut oil. Just spend 20-30 minutes to gently massage the abdomen with this natural essential oil not only to quickly reduce belly fat but moreover, the skin also becomes smooth, firmer.

Coconut oil also works to restore areas of skin after birth, anti-aging and improve perfectly slim waist, absolute safety.

A fiery body of a mother of two children

Drink green tea in the morning

For Elly Tran, green tea is an effective assistant in the work of weight loss and beauty. She drinks every day to improve her health, improve her spirits, shape and beautify her skin effectively.

In green tea, there are special nutrients combined with a large amount of antioxidants, which are quickly excreted and burned, and green tea helps the body reduce bad cholesterol and prevent it The process of converting energy into fat.