Fast body fat reduction thanks to 3 simple fitness moves

Today's society is increasingly modern, thus, compact body and health are important to each person. For the fitness exercise weight loss and wellness is no stranger to people but that may not know many people are exercising the right way to lose weight and to have good health.

To know how to exercise correctly and most effectively, see best exercise article 3 below:

1st post

Effective weight loss thanks to the simple movements.

Lying on the left side, two bent knees, toes facing the rear of the right hand, hold on. Lift the hips up off the floor, then raise the right foot up, hip touch the floor. Back to the initial position, the leg and continue to practice from 10-12 times on each side.

Or: supine, the pressure back down the floor. Legs slightly co, two hands, heads down. Nhổm head, shoulders and the back, put the head touches the knees. Do not lift the buttocks.

Next put the body on the left, to the right, is anti to the abdominal muscles work. Make like 20 times.

Twisting exercises.

The second article

At new, you will probably find it difficult to perform the movements. But if sustained for 15 minutes every day, will reduce fat quickly for the waist. After you awake you just need is to stretch limbs, then collect the 2 legs back and then rotate both feet to left front. Return to the original position and then rotate to the right. Do repeatedly in round 1of 5 minutes, you will have the perfect body than when no excessive fat.

The third exercise

Stand, standing left leg poles, right foot propped up and the contraction left leg as high as possible. The best is on his knees to the body are relaxed. The toes of the foot is pointed straight down, this should be placed on the ground. The legs are kept bent but to comfort, left foot pressed to the floor.

Two hand accept together, when it hands over the top of the same deep breathing, when putting hands down under the gentle breathing. Hold this pose for 30 seconds and legs. With this set of exercises for about 20 minutes for the morning and evening.Benefits from this weight loss fitness exercises to help stretch the entire body parts. Enhanced flexibility for the legs, ankles and feet. Make the hips and knees are more flexible, burn body fat more quickly.=


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