Fast weight loss in a week with watercress

Already too familiar with the family meal, watercress is vegetables are quite popular because it is nutritious, cool bar, good for health. Watercress is easy to eat, should suit everyone, again more work lose weight unexpectedly from the watercress was a very useful food. If you love the watercress should not ignore the dish with watercress for weight loss, keeping in shape.

Fast weight loss in a week with watercress.

This is the kind of vegetables help the fastest compact stature, and very good for postpartum women. Watercress contains elements abundant nutrition, rich in fiber, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, iron, calcium, fat, antioxidants. With the components of the main weight: effects of fiber and vitamin c.

Fiber has the role of creating the feeling of mau no limit to be loaded much food to avoid weight gain, and has the ability to absorb fat, fat exhaust out.

Vitamin C increases metabolism, helps burn excess fat target, releasing energy efficiency. Vitamin C plays an important role in the transfer of chemical substances into energy, so when the weight you can not lack of vitamin C.

Watercress can be combined with other weight loss menu, the food weight loss to be effective. Don't forget campaigning for 30 minutes every day to reduce excessive fat quickly.

Watercress is quite a lot of people know vegetables because it's very tasty, are many dishes and good for health.

Stir-fried watercress

Watercress can be sauteed with garlic, beef or not. If the garlic sauteed with just the non-aromatic garlic for gold and to improve on the nine and then add the sauteed spice. If fry with beef you can FRY each Friday with garlic and mix well together. If required, you can Saute with onion, beef to add delicious.

Cook broth

This is extremely cool, easy dishes to enjoy. You just need to cook a pot of water on to boil meat, flavor, ultimately for the watercress into cooked. So you can enjoy the cool bar, heat soup.=