Fast weight loss-regain the body 'WaSP waist bottom' after 2 weeks

Women suffer more pressure in my life, not only must fulfill obligations do mom, wife, they have to share the financial burden of the san in the family. So many people don't have the time to own the standard stature. Here is the tip, help the sisters save time, quickly regain the body "WaSP waist bottoms".

Ant waist property is every woman's dream.

Drink coffee after breakfast

Coffee has effects that reduce appetite, increase metabolism. So, drink a cup of black coffee after breakfast for a refreshing spirit, work efficiency and more great for waist compact in a natural way.

Black coffee is best for weight losspurposes: 1 cup 100 grams black coffee only 2.55 calories. So, after dinner drink coffee black, will have the effect of resolution of body fat, burn excess fat in the abdominal area. In addition, black coffee a diuretic effect, promote the blood circulation in the heart.

Daily weight loss tracking

Track your waist measurements each day and ask yourself the weight each week to begin implementing plans to reduce fat belly. If you have additional weight reducing power resume if not like Italy, you can adjust the time for belly fat loss strategies achieve the best results.

Stress management

Stress is the root causes that cause belly fat and affect health. Because when the mood of anxiety produces hormones called cortisol increases the excessive fat accumulation in the abdomen. You try to keep the mood is always relaxed, fun to lose belly fat. By creating yourself a dietary habits as well as the rest. At the same time taking a dance class or a picnic, watch movies on the weekends to relieve stress help you lose belly fat effectively.

Light meal

This may seem hard to believe but if eaten too much salt will not benefit you in the process of losing weight, increase muscle. Those who exercise gym need to eat the most possible new light efficiency.

In addition, you can choose what types of spices such as pepper, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, ... on food to help the body better.

Drink lots of water

Surely no one is unaware of the effect of the water. It's not just good for all parts of the body function better but also help you smooth, taut cheeks pink, but also in the burning of fat. A study by the University of Utah shows that those who drink from 8-12 cups of water/day burned more than those who only drink about 4 cups.=