God speed weight loss experience 11kg in 1 days

In an attempt to prove the oscillating weight depends on many factors, not just because of the amount of excess fat, writer-sports scientist Ross Edgley has applied a diet extremely extreme. The result is, he fell 11kg in just 24 hours.

Edgley's body measurements before and after weight loss.

England Edgley, 28 years old, said: "too many people are slaves of weight, self-esteem as well as their nutrition dominated only because of his weight. I hope this experiment will create a healthy relationship between human beings and weighing. People will realize the weight can vary based on many factors, not just fat. ".

Edgley hopes people will delete the comments about weight.

He explains: "because of the 50-70% of our body weight is water so the main goal is to reduce as much water in the body as well.".

"Losing too much water can be fatal because the water required for many body parts and even maintain a healthy amount of blood, but the use of sweat towels, diuretic and don't drink any type of day has helped me lose weight quickly."

Edgley's weight before and after exercise, eating tough.

Edgley use natural diuretics such as vitamin C, dandelion root, and coffee to waste water out of the body. He said, you only drink 100 ml of water but has to go potty approximately 20 times.

He stressed that it must be very careful when taking diuretics.

He said: "we are not recommended unless you know what you are doing because the use of overdose can seriously affect your health".

He added: "I must stress that although I lose 11kg within 24 hours, this is absolutely not fat and I immediately had to regain the weight within two hours after the completion of the test. What I did is very dangerous and is done in the utmost stringent conditions after consultation with your doctor. "

He hot bath with Epsom salts.

Uk just drink a little water has a diuretic component after a hot bath.

Edgley lose weight by cutting the amount of salt in food, a bath of Epsom salts (bleach sheets), sauna, exercise for sweating, all day just to eat protein, fat, vitamin synthesis and green vegetables.

Wear a wind when exercise to sweat out as much as possible.

He said the protein and fat don't increase the weight, at the same time, green vegetables and synthetic vitamins help ensure enough nourishment for my body when dehydration or exhaustion. This is important because what I do is really dangerous, should the body I need additional nutrients are needed. The menu has no starch and salt.

While weight loss tactics of Edgley hidden potentially dangerous, this mode is often used by riders and American boxer to lose weight quickly before a race or match.=