His Super weight loss effect that simple thanks to breakfast

Should stand when eating breakfast

His weight loss super simple thanks for breakfast.

The stand while eating will not hurt the stomach as you think that it will help you burn more calories. Depending on the weight, target weight and what you eat in the rest of the meal but breakfast calories should be "loaded" into the body. But, according to expert opinion, you should just "loaded" from 300-500 calories in the morning. Therefore, the stand while eating will help you minimize the energy load to the body.

It is best to eat whole grains

Best breakfast including: cereals (wheat, rice vermicelli, noodle, cake, her, ...), add to that the fruit and dairy products. The best can drink low-fat milk. With a breakfast like this, you have enough of the substance, the rich-rich carbohydrates, low in fat, rich in vitamins and minerals. This menu is not only keeps you healthy without fear of obesity.

Eating breakfast before 8 hours

According to research, you should have breakfast before 8 hours, need to eat breakfast before lunch, 4-5 hours.

Time to eat your breakfast is very important. According to research, you should have breakfast before 8 hours, need to eat breakfast before lunch, 4-5 hours.

Just eat food rich in protein and sugar

You should choose foods that have high protein and sugar for breakfast such as eggs, yogurt, cereals and nuts. This low-calorie foods, but give you more energy. So that they bring many benefits to you in weight loss or weight maintenance.

Eat at least 8 grams of fiber

According to experts, a breakfast containing at least 8 grams of fiber is the ideal meal plan for weight loss. You should choose fresh fruit and cereal for breakfast, as are foods that are rich in fiber. A cup of fruit Smoothie in the morning can give you 11.7 grams fiber, a bowl of cereal can give the body 8 grams of fiber or more.

Just after breakfast, wake up 1

The breakfast should be about 1 hour after waking.

Why is breakfast after 1 hour from when you wake up? Because your body needs the energy the next morning after a long sleep. Thus the stomach very strong activity in round 1 hour early after the wake. Then you should not forward power, let the body burn excess calories. But of course, you shalt not fasting morning since it will help maintain biological rhythms and increase your metabolism.=