How to lose weight simply to own fast Ant waist

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Reduce waist fat is not difficult.

Sit back straight

Just adjust the pose, sit straight back, not folded tucks you can do your muscles toned, help your body better and avoid having the body of unwanted excess fat.

If or forgotten, you can order a sheet of notes just before the eye to note and correct posture quickly.

Eating regular eggs

Eggs contain many proteins, but do not have more calories and fat. The energy needed to supply the body each day. Particularly for obese people, the eggs also is a way to lose weight effectively by when you eat eggs, the body no longer, therefore, will be introduced into the food less.

But don't eat fried eggs, by if eaten, you gave your body a huge amount of fat. Boiled eggs in a salad is a safe solution! Slimming menu of breakfast you can 2 eggs and toast is rough enough to glide has to operate.

Drink enough water

Actually, when you don't provide enough water, your body will produce water retention mechanism and stop regulating waste. This certainly will affect your waistline. So please drink enough water every day.

Drink water not only helps your waistline than standard that can help regenerate the skin, the skin smooth, bright stretch you more beautiful.

Drinking green tea

In addition to the café, the green tea is also a drink needed to get in shape and skin for my sister. The ability to burn excess fat fat of green tea are great, especially abdominal fat people. You only need to drink 3-4 cups of green tea per day of water combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, only after a short time the fat ngấn the abdomen, buttocks, thighs will markedly reduced.

Eat slowly, chewing thoroughly

Long, folk still mouth saying "eat slowly, chew carefully, no longer" to protect the stomach, however, this is also true with keeping two eo thon Ant for you.

Please get in the habit of chewing at least 10 times before swallowing to avoid bloating, indigestion after eating, as well as working to swallow the air down the abdomen, making your waist gets to come out.=

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