Learn the 9 x reducing 13 kg in 3 weeks

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Bui Duc Hieu (b. 1991), music editor music entertainment information VOV3 radio voice of Vietnam, both the dancer and teacher who taught Jazz Funk in Hanoi. Not satisfied with his stocky physique, he decided to lose weight to be more confident.

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Germany Tastes before the weight loss.

Below is the share of German Tastes about the same weight Zing.vn process: "I'm very interested in health itself. Overweight do I have feeling heavy. There are times, flu, sore throat, then the resistance should poor I got fever virus.

I always thought her fat because so much sick as a result.

Next time learn, study, I choose the method of weight loss General Motors Diet combined with exercise.After three weeks of implementing this weight loss method, I fell 13kg (from 73 kg down to 60 kg). During dieting, I find most difficult is to give the dish the favorite.

The thought of further purpose I resolved to return. 9 x 13 kg after succeeded. To many people they often choose the set gym to aid weight loss faster. I don't go to the gym that uses from his daily job is to jump in combination with exercises from the Cardio, Hitt, ... by his own composing.

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Germany Tastes after weight loss.

Each method I pick out a fit body exercises such as Stretching (muscle relaxation exercises); post workout stamina exercises, exercises for the abdomen and thigh Professional with the time 1:30 minutes per day.

To workout is not tired, I loaded energy like eat more grain because offers more protein and drink from 8-12 glasses of water each day.

Besides, I don't let myself exhausted that spread to endurance exercise. My rule is to calculate the amount of calories the body burnt then loaded entirely in practice. Lose 13 kg, my body became so relieved, toned.

I am also more confident at work. When performing on stage I can comfortably express the dance confidence and beautifully ".

Please share with you my weight loss menu: menu for 7 days:

Day 1: all the fruits (except bananas).

Day 2: use unlimited number of vegetables.

Day 3: fruits and vegetables (except bananas and potatoes).

Day 4:8 banana and 3 cups milk without sugar.

Day 5:1 bowl of rice for lunch and 7 tomatoes for the whole day.

Day 6:1 bowl of rice for lunch late and any vegetables.

Day 7:1 bowl of rice for lunch, vegetables and fruit juice throughout the day.

Note: Must drink enough from 8-12 glasses of water each day.=

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