Learning English the mental weight Ha supermodel speed

To have an admirable waist like that is not easy. But, with the revelations about how the weight of the super model the following will not make You Ha ...

Super model Ha Anh is one of those people who are the public to many in the industry model. To have an admirable waist like that is not easy. Many people are curious about the weight loss secrets of her, and that her weight must be extremely harsh and rough. But, with the revelations about how the weight of the super model Ha Anh will not cause you to surprise and consternation.

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Learning English the mental weight Ha super model.

Recently, on his personal faccbook, this super model for sharing how to lose weight to get in shape how people dream.

She shared, the secret is very simple, based on science. But should you really be honest with yourself, and give yourself a separate discipline.

Remove carbonated beverages right now, there are more roads

HA I almost never drink carbonated beverages, in them there multiplayer sugar horrible that you can't imagine is

The drinks such as smoothies, frappucino, food like ice cream ... should be completely removed because it has a lot of sugar and fat inside (đăc milk sugar, sugar, sugar and sugar), the sweet drinks such as cocktails, mixed juices have sugar

Alternative therapies: drink tea without sugar, the juice like orange juice, grapefruit juice, unsweetened juice if needed to drink alcoholic beverages, then switch to wine.

Eat reduced starch

Cut the starch in the rice, spinach, potato-like dishes, wheat pasta, spagetti, pizza, sandwiches.

She shared that, very passionate, especially hot buttered bread great stars, or the new breakfast croissant on aromatic ... But no, let's only use them sometimes when you go on vacation, or treat eating with friends sometimes. If you need to eat, be reduced. Instead of eating 3 bowls, let's just eat 1 small bowl.

Complete removal of the fritters

In his menu, super model Ha Anh, completely remove the fritters (fried) as French fries, fast food fastfood like hamburgers, breaded fried chicken etc ... by her all this dishes are all enemies of beauty.

Eat pastries, ice cream, cheese, butter, chocolate ....

HA you always opinions, cake though looked small but you don't imagine them burn how much loss the amount of sugar and butter in it. Figure "that same Small cake pieces that" completely wrong.

Baby but ... dangerous!  Although is very passionate people eat all the above dishes should catch the complete removal of the somewhat difficult. But she always try to limit, occasionally allows himself to eat a little bonus. But when you eat often share it with someone rather than less to eat alone. When eating Salad or Spagetti, you often say they are not giving up on the cheese.

Limit snacking

HA I recommend that, if need be, junk food junk food shoveller fruit like grapefruit. If sad your mouth eat cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots instead of chewing the biscuit dishes, or the dry fried potato crisp, as are the enemies quietly for our body.

For the fruit, don't be mistaken for fruit sugar does not cause fat. The road is still the way, either, so don't eat too many of these fruits bring very sweet as mango, watermelon, Rambutan, label ...


-Let's Eat more fish, meat vegetables instead of rice (starchy substances)

-Drink lots of water to make no sense for the body so we don't upset your mouth that junk food

-And finally when outside food, don't try to eat ration for fear .... People have studied the row outside the ration is usually much more than what we need. You eat one half, or was 2/3 is medium. Let's make the rest for your boyfriend, husband or friend if you feel free.

However, don't go hungry. When starving, your body is very tired. Besides, you can go all day but come 6 p.m., hungry software you normally think you should reward yourself to eat something. At that time you will eat all the damage for myself.

To get the compact body and beautiful physique as expected, you apply the diet of supermodel Ha?!=

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