Learning how to lose weight of Japanese people will surely surprise you

Drink lots of green tea

Green tea is one of the indispensable drinks for Japanese people and especially for women. Drinking green tea just helps the body purify, detox and burn excess fat, stimulate digestion faster through its compounds, and contain antioxidants to help protect your health and beauty. More effective skin. This is considered one of the fastest weight loss methods that Japanese people often apply. In addition, green tea also helps Japanese people fight cancer, regulate the heart and treat some digestive diseases.

Therefore, green tea is popular in Japan and it also originates the world famous tea ceremony. Japanese women in particular and Japanese people in general are very interested in tea. Every day if they do not make fresh green tea, they will drink green tea powder called matcha powder. Every day you should drink 3-5 cups of green tea for the process of getting in shape.

Split meals and chew well when eating

Instead of eating a lot at a meal, Japanese people eat meals into many snacks during the day. This helps control the amount of food you eat. In addition, young Japanese are always taught to eat slowly to enjoy the taste of food. If you have been or lived in Japan, you will find that Japanese food dishes are only 1/3 of Americans.

Do not leave food full of dishes

Never eat a food with a large amountEvery dish is always on a separate plate Decorate the natural and beautiful foodTasty is the most important element of foodThe above tips help Japanese people control the amount of food put into the body. It is also an effective way to lose weight.

Don't just eat and drink

In Vietnam, many people have a habit of eating and drinking water, drinking alcohol or beer. But for Japanese people never eat and drink. Many people drink water or soup to make it easier to eat. But this makes the stomach more empty and stimulates you to eat more. This is the reason why you can't fly fat even though you have tried thousands of different ways to lose weight.

Breakfast is the most important meal

Japanese people appreciate the importance of breakfast and never skip meals. Breakfast is also carefully prepared and thoughtful but limited to less healthy foods. Japanese people often eat breakfast with rice, miso soup, tofu, seaweed and eggs. This is also a way to lose weight, keep fit and be effective for a long time. Because these foods are high in protein, fiber helps provide enough energy without fear of fat.

Eat more vegetables

The fastest way to lose weight of Japanese people is to add more green vegetables to your daily diet. Japanese diets are indispensable for fresh fruits and vegetables such as seaweed, onions, soybeans, eggplant, tomatoes, radishes, potatoes . During the meal they often diversify the dishes on the menu. to help the body limit the loading of starch (calories).

Drink plenty of warm water

In addition to green tea, warm water is a Japanese drink used daily. According to the habits of most Japanese people, after waking up for about 10 minutes, they usually maintain the habit of drinking a cup of warm water every morning. And this is also an effective weight loss secret.

According to nutrition experts, drinking warm water at night will help you sleep better and deeper. By drinking warm water will increase the function of the stomach, promote blood circulation, increase body temperature by about 10 ° C, increase the ability of metabolism to bring excess water out of the body effectively, pushing Fast fat burning process.

Japanese people love to eat fish

Japan is known as an island in the middle of the ocean. Therefore, the main Japanese food is fish, not meat. Although it only accounts for 2% of the world population, Japanese people consume 10% of the world's fish. Apart from fish, seaweed is also used regularly by Japanese people in family meals.

Eating a lot of fish is a way to lose weight and keep an effective shape of Japanese people. Because fish contains very little fat that is harmful to health. In addition, fish also contain Omega - 3, DHA. These are important ingredients that enhance brain health and memory. For the elderly, DHA prevents dementia or Alzheimer's. In addition, fish are rich in protein easily absorbed, good for the digestive system and cardiovascular. In particular, Omega - 3 also helps to reduce levels of triglycerides in the blood. This reduces the risk of blood clots leading to a blockage of the blood vessels causing a stroke.

In addition to the above nutrients, fish have many essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, D and minerals such as zinc, calcium .

Besides fish, seaweed, Japanese people also increase supplement of green vegetables, drink green tea and eat fruits regularly. Japanese people consume five times more vegetables, cabbage, and cauliflower than Americans. This is also the way to lose weight, live a long life and live a healthy life of Japanese people.


In Japan, there is also a wave of eating weight loss vinegar. According to the study, eating vinegar not only eliminates constipation, regulates the acid and alkaline environment in the body, but also has significant weight loss effects.

Of course, according to experts the effectiveness of chemical vinegar and natural vinegar varies. Natural fermented vinegar looks outside with a precipitate, also darker, after shaking the foam will gradually disappear, while with chemical vinegar foam will disappear immediately after shaking. Therefore, if you really want to try this method, choose natural vinegar to lose weight.

Eat banana

The banana weight loss method comes from a Osaka, Japan pharmacist, Sumiko Watanabe. She discovered and successfully applied this method to her husband, helping Hitoshi Watanabe to reduce 16.8 kg in a short time. Mr. Hitoshi then gathered the experience of losing weight into the Morning Banana Diet method. This method then became famous, favored by simplicity, ease of application.

There are many properties that make bananas chosen to help lose weight. Bananas are high in fiber and potassium and help to regenerate energy quickly but with low energy content. Eating fresh bananas combines a cup of warm water to promote metabolism in the body. Bananas are cheap and you don't need to spend too much money on this weight loss food. Adding bananas to the body reduces appetite but does not harm the body, providing adequate nutrition, minerals that promote digestion. Banana fruit also contains another fiber that is resistant to starch, which causes fermented starch in the body to burn 20-24% of body fat, thereby reducing energy intake and limiting Accumulated fat, especially at the waist.

Simple banana weight loss menu every day:

Breakfast: Eat a banana and drink a glass of warm water, no more food. After 30-60 minutes, eat a banana.

Lunch: Eat a banana before eating the main diet, pay attention to reducing the main diet by 30% compared to regular meals.

In the afternoon: If you are hungry, you can eat one more banana, but do not eat any other food.

Dinner: Eat a banana before eating the main meal, the main serving is reduced by 30%. Avoid desserts and sweet foods to help you lose weight fast and get better. Dinner should take place at 6pm is reasonable.

How to breathe Japanese weight loss

Sit in a chair and breathe evenly

You sit upright in a chair, your legs are pressed down together, your feet touch the ground. Two hands placed on the knees. Slowly take a deep breath and exhale, repeat 20 times. Notice how to breathe and exhale with your abdominal muscles, not your chest. Should choose the seat with appropriate height so that the feet just touch the ground to create the most comfortable posture. You can do this exercise at home, at work, on the park or anywhere.

Meditation legs crossed

Sitting on a flat surface carrying out weight loss breathing exercises. You sit cross-legged on the ground, hold your back straight, one hand on your chest, one hand gently touch your stomach to feel your stomach bulge and breath when you breathe. Slowly take a deep breath and exhale, repeat 20 times.