Lose belly fat fast for to dress so nice ride 20/11

A second round to with thick layer of belly fat is always the obsession with most women. However, if you know how to apply a reasonable diet, use these foods contain fewer calories but can burn energy will support the resolve this problem efficiently.

Lemonade honey if drink properly will help you lose weight effectively.

Drink the lemon juice, honey

Each morning to wake you to drink a glass of lemonade, honey will help target the fat effectively, to reduce fat results better, you should drink 2-3 cups per day. After the first day you will find soothing body and weight are 2 cm waist. To reject and eliminate fat-fat take root, to prevent the accumulation of fat, you should apply for one week in a row.

Uses: lemon and honey is 2 too familiar material in the process of burning fat and wiped them out more quickly. Therefore, when combining the two materials together will produce increased efficiency, you need not spend money that still owns are a charming, compact stature.

Orange juice

Orange juice the drink contains many vitamins, especially vitamin C and oxygen compounds that help protect the health, beauty skin as well as help the body fight the signs of aging.

Besides, oranges contain lots of fiber help prevent excess fat buildup process of round 2 results. If you want to lose weight in General and want to reduce belly fat in particular, 1 glass of orange juice every day would certainly be the top choice.

Healthy eating

You also do not forget to change the diet, a healthy meal needs to ensure the food is fresh, clean, not a lot of grease, harmful fat which should select a lot of green vegetables, fruit and low-fat menu for daily nutrition.=


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