Lose weight fast for 3 days with strawberries for her lazy

There are many types of strawberries. The substance in strawberry can prevent the Liberal Group oxygen that damage to the cell membrane. The color red is fresh strawberries because it at least contains flavones.

The plant nutrients may prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi so quickly. Strawberries contain manganese, vitamin C, B vitamins and cellulose, can cleanse the blood, liver protection.

Strawberry fruit is not only unpopular but also has the effect of weight loss.

Strawberry's fruits are preferred. It contains anti cancer, can prevent toxins in the liver, making a refreshing spirit.

Compared to other fruits and vegetables, then the strawberries contains more antioxidant. Antibacterial and antiviral can Strawberry in the room to cure heart disease and cancer arebraided. Cellulose and tamine in strawberries can also cleanse the digestive system. Also, strawberries also prevent infections, urinary system protection.

Strawberry special effects help you lose weight incredibly fast and efficient.

With just the menu from strawberries, just you perseverance made sure the effect will come only after 3 days, with this implementation method ensures the health of you will not be affected. Just know the combination and added the right way, wish you success!

Day 1:

Breakfast: You should drink a cup of green tea after the wake, then being active at a time, and then use the included Strawberry salad 1 can low-fat yogurt.

Lunch: eat less rice, the diet is mostly vegetable. Should drink a glass of Strawberry Smoothie before or after each meal of the day.

Dinner: keep adding Strawberry salad, drink a full glass of water and then go to sleep.

Day 2:

Breakfast: Eating a slice of bread with phomai, followed by drinking a glass of fruit juice or dessert with strawberries.

Lunch: drink a glass of Strawberry Smoothie, 15 minutes before meals, note that should cut the amount of fat, starch or sugar in the diet. Dessert with sliced grapefruit.

Dinner: should eat a strawberry salad disk combined with other ingredients, desserts with 1 Apple and go to bed early.

3rd day:

Breakfast: take a drink a glass of fruit juice right after waking up, continue to exercise and eat a few Strawberry accompanied oatmeal, or can eat Strawberry salad and many other types of fruit .

Lunch: Eat 1 cup of small rice accompanied by a little lean meat, dessert with strawberries. You should remember is to drink a glass of Strawberry Smoothie before eating 15-30 minutes.

Dinner: 1 Strawberry salad and disk 1 apples, drinking water filter. Not officially too late and no junk food.=