Lose weight fast on the spot to sit is the Office who also need

You do the work of the Office and the status of abdominal fat is easy to happen. You are looking to lose fat belly but don't have much time for this. Let's apply these simple belly fat reduction exercises right at work, you can still own eo thon handsome if you persevere.

You do the work of the Office and the status of abdominal fat is easy to happen.

Abdominal massage is in place to reduce belly fat

This is a simple exercise in place but a direct impact on the region of the abdomen thus will bring good effect when you implement persistence and often. You sit up straight, her hands placed horizontal belly, 2 fingers between touching each other. Push the right hand behind his back, push the left hand on the right. Make such moves about 20 times will help melt those stubborn abdominal fat tissue to help you will own an eo thon beautiful designs more quickly.

Keep the balance right at the seat

While you sit, you try to do the following exercise: You lift the legs up, and keep a 45-degree angle straight position, after you insert the knees up before the chest and you put his foot on its original location. You perform and maintain this action frequently about 3 times a day, each time so you do repeated 20 and that helped you be burning about 60-75 calories. Doing so often you reduce fat levels are assured of the second round and third round.

Arm stretch exercises help reduce the fat under the arms

You stand straight up and the wide legs spread by the shoulders. Put your hands behind your back and grasp. Start using traction to stretch his arm out of the body so that the muscles are very stretchy. And ends by slowly bringing the arms back to its original position. You should perform the action again to feel the effect.=


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