Lose weight with mango shell: effect of surprise!

not just snacks are favourite sister, mango is also known as an effective weight loss foods., report on women and the family, women Reported happiness ...

Many experts had studied and point out that there are components in Mango has the ability to regulate metabolic processes in the body. As part of the fruit mango is also a lot of other nourishing substances such as iron, potassium, magnesium, B vitamins and beta carotene. This is extremely beneficial substances for the body, helps prevent many diseases like anemia, high blood pressure, cramps ... "Mangoes have high content of beta carotene. This is also the fruits have more nutrients in concentrated form. To reduce the amount of calories into the body, the mango is the best choice, "The Times of India quoted an expert for or.

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Eat the mango helps lose weight effectively.

However, to bring effective weight loss , you should eat all the mango Peel. Research shows that these extracts from mango Peel has the effect of preventing the formation of fat cells in the body. Because of the mango Peel contains phytochemicals capable of destroying fat cells naturally.

In addition, glutamine acid available in Mango also helps strengthen memory, vitamin B1 have in the mango helps strengthen the immune system and reduce stress. A benefit cannot not mango is very good for the skin, because of its astringent snugly pores, skin health, and soft, from that cause acne. Mango is rich in anti-reduction, lose the effect of free radical molecules that damage cells and cause health problems such as heart disease, old age and cancer.

You can eat the mango by cutting small pieces just to eat or grilled. Green mango is also the raw material for making mango shellfish bitter, the sweet, sweet sound stick or Mango soup, stir-fried chicken with mango ... entice, very tasty, are the Favorites. Mango good for people of all ages, but if used too much is also not good.

Weight loss menu with mango

Mango Smoothie


-2 mango fruit

-Condensed milk

-Shaved ice.

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Mango Smoothie to help lose weight.

How to do:

-Mango washed, remove casing

-Retrieved 2 cheek mango, sliced in small Blender puree.

-Add sweetened condensed milk, shaved ice into Blender until finely, poured out a glass and enjoy.

Pineapple, Mango Smoothie, yogurt


-1 cup of yogurt

-¾ Pineapple was peeling, removing the eye and slice

-1 ripe mango was peeling, small cut

-1 tablespoon honey

-1 cup of ice.

How to do:

For all the above ingredients in Blender and push, the real grind finely. After a few minutes, you've got a glass of pineapple Smoothie, mango and yogurt to enjoy delicious, this dish is not only keeps you cool in the summer that it also had positive effects for your weight loss.

Mango pickle


-Green Mango: 1 kg

-Sugar: 6-7 spoons dinner

-Salt: 1 teaspoonful, chili powder.

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Eat mangoes beams help weight loss.

How to do:

-Prepare a bowl of boiled water to cool mixed with about 1 teaspoon of salt. Peel the mango and casing removal soak right into the bowl of salt water.

-Mango provide Thai small pieces, remove seeds and then give back salt water bowl to soak for about 5 minutes, then remove to drain.

-Damping are mangoes with sugar, to soak until the sugar melts and seep into the mango.

-When the lines touching mango mix next to the salt crystals, then the chili powder.

Besides using the dish from mango to lose weight you should also pay attention to the other food and rest, proper training to quickly achieve the weight loss results.

Mango pork with vegetable


-3 green mango, choose the type of thick cheeks and slightly ripe

-1 carrot

-1 tangle persicaria

-200gr pork Bacon

-1 cup sour shrimp sauce

-2 peppers

-50 g of sugar

-20 g white salt.

How to do:

-Meat bacon cooked in sour shrimp sauce, remove to cool, slice 1 cm width

-Green Mango, carrot fiber, mixed with flaked sugar until sugar melts evenly, mix white salt

-For persicaria chopped, chili, minced meat into the mix, the wedge add about 2 tbsp sour prawn sauce has boiled meat.=

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