Miracle lose 6 kg in 2 months with ... banana!

Weight loss)- ineffable happiness when the body fat shaft of her round fat become extremely relieved after 1 month weight loss regime is simple, weight loss with banana.

His birth complete is the overweight, weight nộn terrible. Don't know the sisters have voted then to gain weight, rather than from 51 kg, 69 kg, rising to himself. B. finished baby is standing up weight just want to keen.

Also at the mother-in-law of interest too. There is his secret vote is always coerced to drink milk and everything the other milk, eat all this stuff to the tonic soaked things laced other modifiers, now birds chicken tomorrow tunnel tunnel.

Born baby, mom cooked porridge nail rolls constantly. The other mother, gauge the efforts to make the stock, rather than themselves as eat as tasty, most of this Bowl shows to the other Bowl. Feeding is done is shaky, always hungry appetite.

Her husband is the purpose of religion, family leave toxic nail, laying her grandson she stalked both up to take the bride, take me.

In the end, the people most happy, who is also his most gauge.

The PHI nộn body after his November births result from the bẵm too long of mother-in-law. Go to work, who look at themselves also see heavy, hot, see also depressed.

Her upset. His decision on home food, hunger, how his mother pressed her husband nor bear. My mother admonished because cu Bin must try to eat, but eat only retrieved.

See, I go ask experience weight loss. With people who are nursing mothers like yourself, lose weight by diet or arrange the travel time of exercise is very difficult. Parents presentation for yourself how simple weight loss is to eat bananas for breakfast. Photo illustrations

Parents presentation for yourself how to lose weight by eating bananas for breakfast. Every morning, I just ate two banana, then drink a cup of warm water. All day, eat anything, no need to diet.

I somewhat doubt this way. Because the amount of food into his body remains the same, it's hard to lose weight.

But my mom always motivate yourself how do I also have to persevere.

A week after making weight this way themselves began to see results. The fat in the abdomen and his thighs started to decrease, also found the heavy support.

Her excited whisper in the abdomen and more determination to improve wheelchair stature after the birth.

Only 1 month, I stood up weight that in the khấp. Themselves reduce the 6 kg, is a true miracle.

Hope the next month his weight will also decrease as a result. I'm breaking dawn hực determination. Mother-in-law to thank very much for his side.

Also hoping you would being in the stage of parenting young wants to get in shape before the students applied this way, I was experiencing it, easy to implement.

I wish you success.