Reduce postpartum belly fat thanks to preserve salt roast

after the birth the mother often worried because the fat in the abdomen to increase fast. Do not worry, use the simplest way to reduce belly fat with salt., Lose belly fat, ...

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After birth the woman would also look forward to get in shape.

Use salt to reduce postpartum belly fat is a method to help reduce belly fat fast and safely you should apply to take back waist compact after the birth.

Roasted salt steambath

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Up the hot salt help take the waist more compact.

You just need to prepare 1 kg salt granular, dry and hot roasted up. Then salt into the cloth bag and belly up.


If using the salt bags are also warm up belly up and apply, radiate heat from salt will stimulate the pores dilation, burning fat and wiped out. Taking advantage of the temperature of the roast salt to melt belly fat, the heat of the salt will help the abdomen more firm and neat.

Furthermore, this way is also very good because women born or being cold. While the ice down the salt you can combined with abdominal massage to increase effective weight loss. The mother of caesarean or students often can use every day, but with the case of caesarean wound should be avoided.

Salted ginger

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Help tidy belly quickly.


Because ginger also has the effect of gingerol in ginger, high heat has the ability to metabolize fat faster should combine with ginger help increase fat burning application. Help tidy belly quickly. Ginger has an effect of ginger on while bleeding relief along the salt pit had rang the Uterine artery contraction recoveries, less blood out, abdominal blood vessels also shrinks the empty belly after birth fade away.

How to do:

Use granular salt 1 kg and 1 kg of ginger. Spicy ginger and crushed, washed, rang up the salt. Pour all into the cloth bag and apply after the Fed. Three days will help tidy belly quickly.

Applying salt


Applying salt to warm the belly cold works great for mums after birth. Hot salt for the abdomen more firm. Note that when the sisters need to apply heat then just for the salt bags on microwave heat can be used again.

How to do:

Use 1 bunch yellow stools, applying mixed with granular salt 1 kg roasted blends, all on the bag to put the abdomen while still hot. Apply 1-2 times a day will work very well.=

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