Round 2 run out in 10 days to confidently greet Valentine

You want waist compact, perfect physique to go play in the occasion of Valentine's day, it's not hard with these simple techniques below., lose weight, reduce ...

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To lose weight fast and have round 2 compact is not difficult.

Eating foods high in fiber

The starch when it is absorbed into the body will convert into sugars and accumulate in the body form excessive fat, that is also a cause of weight gain that you should pay attention.

Please limit the use of these substances have a high starch content and replaced with fiber, which will help your digestive system to swapping food faster, prevents excess fat buildup.

Fiber has a lot of green vegetables, so you provide the necessary amounts for meals by processed into many different dishes such as boiled, fried or soup ....

Do not eat foods high in fat

Can say fat is provided from the outside is more cholesterol and easy absorption by the body, so you'll quickly if sharks eat no science and while his preferences.

But if you eat these types of unsaturated fat, you don't have to worry, because these are the essential fatty acids, your body will not absorb that dig waste. You can select the types of unsaturated fats such as olive oil, rapeseed, avocado ... ...

Snacks with fruit and non-fat yogurt

You are a person who loves junk food and always food in the House, this is the main cause of obesity status. To apply these tips to help lose weight this quickly you don't have to skip all the junk food that you just replace them.

When want to junk food you select unsweetened yogurt or fruit, you can eat when hungry delight without worry about obesity. You can select the types of fruits such as grapefruit, Apple, mango, Orange, lemon ... stock up food cabinets in your home to not worry about starving anymore.=

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