SlimFast Diet Review for Weight Loss?

It is a common practice for supplement brands to offer complex solutions for weight management. In other words, you do not have to consume dietary products chaotically.

Instead, users follow a certain plan of nutrition to promote healthy dieting and reduction of fat. SlimFast sticks to that trend and embeds its products in the specialized dieting program.


The diet is not limited by time. Hence, you can follow it on a long-term basis that is an evidence of a sophisticated solution. According to creators, a strict compliance with set rules will ensure up to 2 lbs of weight reduction per week. Someone may state that such results are rather low. Yet, one needs to know details before making any conclusions.

Medium Level of Efforts

As a rule, the term “diet” is associated with strict limitation of victuals in the daily ration. On this account, many people are rather skeptical about the usefulness of such approach to losing weight. SlimFast program is a medium level solution. It means that you won’t have to suffer from food cravings thanks to the abundance of dedicated supplements including shakes and bars to replace full meals. Moreover, a regular user has to take food six times a day. The most important thing is what exactly one is allowed to eat.


Food Terms


Since the diet is based on SlimFast supplements, be prepared to enrich your ration with versatile protein drinks and snacks. For this reason, the diet is often called the 3-2-1 Plan because users consume three snacks, two shakes/bars, and one wholesome dish within a day. To get you in, let’s review a menu sample.


Menu Sample


Breakfast: Slimfast shake/meal bar


Eating occasion between the breakfast and lunch: SlimFast snack or alternatives (fruits/vegetables, low-fat yogurt etc.)


Lunch: Slimfast shake/meal bar or alternative (low-calorie salad or vegetables)


Eating occasion between the lunch and dinner: SlimFast snack bar


Dinner: wholesome meal not exceeding 700 kcal.


Dessert: SlimFast snack or fruits


Dinner is dedicated to the full meal opportunity. Yet, a user has to be careful in choosing the appropriate foods. The creators recommend separating your choice as follows:

-    A half of the meal should be covered with veggies;

-    A quarter - with lean protein;

-    Another quarter - with starch.


As you can see, there are no severe restrictions regarding what you can and cannot eat. Obviously, it is essential to keep within limits regarding any eating occasion.




The readers are interested in the principal question namely “Does it work?” To answer it, we need to mention another important aspect of the diet plan. Though SlimFast does not offer a specific plan of exercising, it is highly advised to spend at least 30 minutes for muscular activities.


Compliance with all described terms, a user does experience positive shifts in his or her weight loss endeavors. Certainly, these are not incredible and immediate. Yet, keep in mind that fair and softly goes far. So, good luck in your undertakings.


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