The belly is so fat that even if you just need to drink this water every night, for a week, you will see the unexpected

The holy water that can fly away from belly fat is honey ginger lemon juice. All three materials are easy to find in every kitchen of each house is considered a beauty medicine, weight loss of women.

Materials to prepare:

- 1 ginger

- 1 lemon

- 2 tablespoons of honey

- 1l of filtered water

- Glass sieves, pots, bowls and glass jars


Add lemon juice (you can choose lemon green or lemon yellow depending on your preference), squeeze the juice for the bowl, then remove the seeds.

Ginger is washed, shaved off, sliced ​​and then grinded.

Put ginger in a pot to boil with 1lit water about 10 minutes. When boiling, turn down the heat and simmer for another 20-30 minutes so that the essence in ginger seeps into the water and turns off the stove.

'Yellow' foods for safe, effective weight loss

Brown rice

Brown rice does not contain as much starch as normal white rice but is rich in fiber, which helps bring a feeling of fullness after a meal. So if you replace white rice with brown rice, you won't worry about weighing because you eat a lot.


Pumpkin has an excellent source of fiber to help speed up digestion while supporting effective weight loss. This food contains ingredients that help you regulate blood sugar and limit sugar storage in the form of fat, so it is more active for the weight loss process you are taking.

Green tea

Green tea not only has high antioxidant content but also has effective weight loss benefits.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are good for the digestive tract, and also contain lots of vitamins and minerals, helping you not only lose weight but also have many practical benefits for health and beauty.