The potatoes to cold-food helps reduce belly fat Super speed

When you processed the potatoes in cold dishes such as salad will have the effect of removing excess fat should help you lose weight very fast., weight loss, beauty, eo thon, reduce ...

The potatoes which are known to be delicious food, cheaper and more nutritious, but how many vegetables the effect this has the effect of weight loss? Potatoes are tuber vegetables, contains cacbonhydrat complex and rich in fiber has the ability to absorb water. Therefore, eat the potatoes will make you feel full longer and more hunger, from which helps you lose weight.

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The potatoes to cold-food helps reduce belly fat Super speed.

99.9% of the potatoes contain no fat, 100% contains no cholesterol and has the calories with a large Apple. But you have to know how to get the effect weight loss fastest from potatoes?

The potatoes to conditioning

Previously, you had to give up just because the potato dish are looking to lose weight. But did you know that, processing potatoes in the dish cold as salad has the effect of removing excess fat should also works to help you lose weight.

When the potatoes are kept cold, it will create the Crystal properties of resistance of starch. Resistant starch crystals is a component of fiber works to notify the body produces two hormones have the task of reducing the feeling of hunger.

Not only that, resistant starch crystals also helps the body to metabolize fat into fuel provided for activities rather than store it in fat cells.

Boiled potatoes or stew

With the dish made from potatoes, you should eat food such as potatoes boiled, stewed. Absolutely not so, because the chips contain more fat, will prevent you from the belly fat fast is not reduced but in reverse.

Want to lose fat fast with potatoes, you should only eat the potatoes in the main meals, not eating rice and the other fat-causing food, eat more vegetables and fruits. When hungry, 1 boiled potato is great suggestions for you to quench the hunger.

Choice of potato

Need to select fresh potatoes, hard, smooth, clean, not grow. Absolutely no Potato tubers have been picked up, because the potatoes up sprouts contain many toxins that can affect your health and life.=

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