This is why everyone struggles to reduce belly fat but most fail

You don't know what kind of belly fat you are?

If you find it difficult to lose belly fat, one approach may be that you have chosen the wrong weight loss method for your waist.

There are 5 types of abdominal fat caused by different reasons, and each one needs a certain diet and exercise to improve. Therefore, it is important to determine your belly type and plan your weight loss based on the cause of belly fat status.

5 types of belly fat and how to remove them

As you know, belly fat can be the result of many factors that make up, from eating specific foods to other lifestyle problems. This is a list of the 5 most common types of belly fat, the cause of them and how to reduce excess fat.

Big belly due to alcohol

Drinking too much beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages can interfere with the body's digestion. Moreover, these drinks are rich in calories. To treat and eliminate belly fat caused by alcohol, it is best to avoid drinking alcohol, instead consuming lots of vegetables and fruits.

Big belly after childbirth

After giving birth, your belly may be filled with fat. To get rid of this, you should massage your abdomen and exercise enough. You can also consult your doctor for better advice.

Big belly due to stress

Lack of sleep and too much stress can affect the body in many different ways. One of them is an increase in belly fat. To solve this problem, try to sleep at least 8 hours a night and stay away from unhealthy foods. Drinking coffee.

Endocrine enlargement

Hormonal imbalance is known to be one of the causes of weight gain and excess belly fat. To change it, change a healthier diet and also consult a specialist at the same time.

Abdominal distention

Gastrointestinal problems can easily lead to bloating and bloating, making your belly bigger. To treat this problem, start by drinking more water and consuming more foods containing probiotics.

Obsession with weight

You should quit the habit of checking your weight continuously and try to resist the urge to stand on the scale every time you see it. A obsession with weight can slow down weight loss.

Every time a number appears on a scale that is different from your expectations, you will become discouraged. This can cause you to lose your spirit, put pressure on yourself, cause negative thoughts and ruin your mood.

All of this can make you give up and relieve stress by eating a lot. You should try weighing once a week and taking those numbers as information, not a judgment of pressure or sadness.

Make diet wrong

Our bodies need many different nutritional factors including protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and even fat. If you exclude some of these beneficial ingredients, your diet may be more harmful than beneficial.

Eat only vegetables and fruits, as well as fast foods and a large amount of sugar and salt make it harder for you to lose weight than regular diets. It is important to monitor your diet in a balanced and effective manner, which must take into account the choice of foods containing magnesium, vitamins, healthy fats and other factors.

Exercise has no diversity

Exercise is a great way to reduce fat. But it is important that you do not forget that exercises should be varied. Each type of exercise affects the body in a certain way and you should not prioritize just doing a certain monotonous exercise.

Practice subjects that create strength, endurance, toughness, swimming and even martial arts. And don't think that exercise can only be done in the gym with exercise equipment. You can practice at home and on the road, any time and any space. Just try not to overload.

You should exercise fully, but don't hurt yourself because of the lack of standard practice information and knowledge.

Food helps to reduce belly fat


The water content in cucumber accounts for 96%, so it can prevent symptoms of flatulence and indigestion. In particular, thanks to the antioxidant flavonoids in cucumbers, it will directly impact, reducing abdominal fat quickly.


This bean is quite nutritious, contains a lot of protein and fiber so when you eat it, it will have a feeling of fullness quickly. Lentils are also a good source of iron supplements, which will support the body's metabolism to work better.


If you feel a little hungry in the afternoon, you can eat a banana for instant energy. In addition to potassium, bananas are also a type of food that helps you stay full longer.