So embellishing the wedding dress sample of three Dong Nhi brides - Bao Thy - Giang Hong Ngoc

No one has an appointment but Dong Nhi, Bao Thy and Giang Hong Ngoc all held close to each other in November. This makes the public easy "dazzling" before the series of luxurious, beautiful, slender wedding dresses. hesitate. Looking back at the wedding dresses covered by 3 stars, you will probably imagine where will be your dream wedding dress!

Dong Nhi: Simple and elegant

More than a week after the wedding of the century with Mr. Cao Thang, the image of Dong Nhi appearing in wedding dresses on November 16 seems to remain in the hearts of the fans. Because the singer had for herself sublimation moments, shining when wearing simple, elegant outfits in satin.

The designers Chung Thanh Phong and Le Thanh Hoa were the ones who brought the dreamlike wedding dresses, helping her to create a lovely and luxurious look.

The main wedding dress is designed with chest cup, intricately attached to it, striking swarovski stones.

Bao Thy: Gorgeous, lovely like Princess Cinderella

The wedding of November 16 has just ended yesterday, Bao Thy and her wedding dresses have become a topic of great public interest. Contrary to the simple and elegant wedding dresses of Dong Nhi, Bao Thy's wedding dress appeared in the main wedding ceremony in a more sophisticated, splendid style, each one is extremely luxurious and regal.

A coincidence in the wedding dresses of Dong Nhi and Bao Thy are designed by Chung Thanh Phong. However, the wedding dress of the singer "Rose House" has the main high-class lace material, each set is a shape and embroidery motifs ranging from the wedding dress to welcome the tail of the fish, to the main wedding dress. chest split, fluffy skirt, wedding dress welcome guests with late shoulders, classic long sleeves, and A-shaped shape to facilitate travel.

Bao Thy from the "bubble princess" in the hearts of fans now has Cinderella in the wedding.

Giang Hong Ngoc: Noble, sexy

Holding a shared wedding on November 16 with Bao Thy, Giang Hong Ngoc is also the bride "media". The wedding dress of the singer is just as beautiful as any beauty, even splendid, lovely. Giang Hong Ngoc appears softly and sexy with a white satin waist-split breasted dress, showing off her bust and a well-proportioned, slender physique.

The thought of beautiful people will maintain such elegant and delicate style during the wedding, no doubt the main wedding dress is brilliant and luxurious, which makes many people swear. Beauties born in 1989 chose for themselves a beautiful wedding dress with a princess cup, sparkling studded, silvery ombre silver - gold evenly spread from the body to the wide skirt. Even the veil veil was Giang Hong Ngoc and the team of clothes a little bit less, attached matchy material, helping the bride to be more lovely and radiant.