Out of use for scarves, Vietnamese stars turned scarves into headwear accessories

Silk scarves can persist over the years and will be "hot hit" even more when the female celebrities promoted. Remember 2019, many Korean idols like the style of making a scarf to make shirts, so that Vietnamese people can also "copy" it. And by early 2020, this fashion style must have ceded the throne for a more classic style: wrap a scarf to make hair. Because, the grave is catching a series of V-biz female stars competing with silk scarves as a hair accessory. Everyone has a different way of wearing a scarf and different combinations of clothes, but it is important that not everyone gets a full 10 points, according to which, the "lemongrass lemongrass", fashionable, others make themselves. be different.

The face of the first half rose from the 2000s, but when Chi Pu reappeared after more than a decade, she still did not have the half-cheesy points, the opposite made the fans feel strange, good and praised. . It should be added that Chi Pu also delicately selects the color of silk scarf to make the "money" accent for the whole.

Dressed in pink strapless "cake" and wearing branded armpits, personality cat eye glasses, but Salim surprised fans when choosing for themselves a bandana style like "old woman". In the middle, the whole strange girl is strange but beautiful, you need to see it again!

Chi Pu's best friend Quynh Anh Shyn of course also noticed the promotion of silk scarves. The way Quynh Anh chose was to dress in a melodic style.

But with her different personality and fashion sense, she also thought of a unique way of "playing" towels. Typically, fans saw a Quynh Anh Shyn in a cool pirate style with a scarf wrapped on her forehead. Not to mention, the crop top and flared pants also create outfit that can't be more impressive for fashionista 9X.

The big idea of ​​Quynh Anh Shyn's "silk" silk scarf was unexpectedly also a strange dressing that Thieu Bao Tram showed off a few days ago. Undeniably, rumored girlfriend of Son Tung M-TP is different, breaking the way thanks to the way of bandaging like "bandit".

Although no longer active in showbiz, but talking about fashion style, Ha Tang is definitely not inferior to any beauty. Not long ago, Mom famous milk immediately attracted attention when her hair was tied up and dotted with a silk scarf. Preferring black tone, Ha Tang still wears "all-black" as always and mixes cool and stylish cardboard accessories.