Quick skin whitening in 5 days thanks to garlic

Vitamin E in garlic has the effect of strengthening the resilience of blood diseases, ruined, inhibition, born black and deposited the pigment etched. Garlic can prevent skin aging, skin spots. Garlic have softened the skin, Sun.

Vitamin E in garlic have white skin.

Garlic juice

Use 1-2 garlic, peeled clean. Buying flasks clorid sodium salt solution 0.9% sold in the pharmacy. Pour the solution into the bowl and soak for about 30 minutes, for in the fridge to use gradually.


For 2-3 dried garlic into the Blender puree (or you can small minced) and 1 table spoon of honey, 1 spoonful of oatmeal, 3 drops of lime juice and some water filter (the purpose for the mixture being dry).

Garlic helps healthy skin, clean.

After washing your face up the mask to the skin, hold 5-10 minutes. When DAB the mixture you remember DAB both hands, then rinse your face and moisturize normal.

Hard to do on the skin not the clean, smooth that even the bruises also fade.

Note When using the garlic skin whitening

Should the dam put garlic to offset the: active ingredient Allicin in garlic have created up uses antibacterial and antioxidant of garlic just to be free, and to promote the use of cracked when garlic press.

Should not use garlic to make white skin long, long face will easily cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Not up garlic to the skin than 10 minutes because the skin burning burns can do.=