Hot boy get married a week, I still virgin ...

from the wedding night to round a week today. Seven days ago, I was still a virgin white girl., Virgin, bride, hot boy, wedding night, gay ...

I was the girl whose beauty medium, lucky beans are on a College in the capital, and graduation, and then temporarily get foot salesman in a supermarket.

Salary if an ASSH handy well enough to temporarily live through the day. Know the body parts, which I know not what dream far away, but the encounter and fate with my husband now exactly like the fairy tales Cinderella get Prince.

On that day, while charging for the middle-aged guests had the incident occurred. With a total bill of more than 3 million, insists that the guests have brought enough for me the money, while counting to count back I still see lack of 500,000 sheets of copper 2.

Guests did happened in the cashier and insistence I did cheat, do wrong and have poured for me and took his money. 1 million, also near 1/3, my income.

While I'm confused, crying for his condemnation and retiring, he appears, the key for my visa card and said: "I consider the missing funds on my card".

Since then, every day, every 4 hours you are thanks to the person who gives me a bunch of flowers at work, and then at the end of every night shift I saw him waiting outside with a warm smile.

You're always waiting outside with a warm smile.

The day he took me to meet her parents, I was really shocked. His home in centrally located beside the West Lake, which is also the address of the spa. More surprisingly, his parents also proved affable and enthusiastic with the country girl and less sharp.

Right now, I have concerns with the condition of families, really cute face son easily have everything including the gorgeous wife just litter with him more, why me-poor rural girls, college degree, salary, yet more than 4 million.

Until the wedding is held, and then, the wedding night I broke up more or less the truth.

Wedding night-the night was worth the wait to become the happiest woman. I carefully choose for bathe yourself sexy Pajamas that I take off the lost days of choice just Italy.

I also cover both commissions, more bad perfume to bed and wait for the sacred moment. Look at yourself in the mirror, I correct myself is beautiful because of lụa by his looks also very sexy. And I think that, sure he will love.

But then, the moment also happened too suddenly and haunt me until today. Immediately upon opening the room walked in, saw me lying on the bed, he has ... vomit.

Instant, I thought that maybe her husband had too cups and was drunk, I ran to the side to care for him. But when my hands just touching, he pushed me out, scream and run to his room slamming the door.

From the wedding night to round a week today. The last seven days, I still left the white Virgingirl. By I Dodge and sleep separately in his work room. We did not yet have any moment really is the couple, yet once I was lying with you, touching you flesh, he hugged and only I could chat.

From the wedding night to today, I still virgin white girl.

Has anyone encountered the case as I have, to give me an explanation as to why my husband back contingency these aggressor to me so? I'm confused, think I trusted, affordable, and taken to the wrong person. Affordable my husband is gay?=

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