8 you should avoid wearing when interview

Set graphics: texture can bring trendy looks for your own personality and gravel. However, all trends "tree" the texture is not wise choices for job interviews, because it makes you become far too prominent.

Maxi Skirts: tha fly, thướt Looks of this item doesn't really fit for the interview seriously.

Format-high Skirt: the map style sexy dresses rips only should apply in the evening or romantic dating fun for any occasion would ask the solemnity.

Short skirt stockings: Here is a photo of a female born Galaxia, certainly could not impress recruiters when you want to search for jobs in the Office environment.

Torn jeans: These jeans on the generous RIP plate also don't help you score in this case.

Bomber jacket: like short skirts and stockings, if want to create a leveled image classes, you don't ever consider choosing designs shirt characteristic of middle ages.

Trousers and shorts: despite the job you love does not claim too seriously in costume, to score with employers, certainly not the Bohemian shorts pants hint efficacious.

High heels on 10 cm: not only cause difficulties in the process of moving, the heel too high also makes you look like you're performing the catwalk.=


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