5 certain costumes to try before age 33

You will regret it if not an 5 following items when not yet 33 years. Because until you want to e is too late, cynical, torn jeans and jeans, crop-top, bikini, try, ...


Of course, no one forbids you to wear a crop top when on 33 years. But the fact is that, in addition to 33 years old, your waist is no longer as beautiful as the twenties. Even if you've never been through marriage, childbirth, skin in this region still flows to certain sệ according to the rules of aging naturally, not to mention the appearance of horizontal folds.

That is why you should try the shirt-top crop extremely youthful, sexy and eye catching this before it is too late.


Many young girls afraid breeze body stress spilling his vitality with bikini and always get the piece swimsuits. They would regret enormously when entering the age of 33. This has a lot of people.

Steamed jeans

The jeans are very powerful, steamed fish, dust and take her to the breeze in the items is "gu". But watch out when you are still an it was very remote at the outer 30 lest every eye looking into the loss of symmetry between the face and your dress.

Intermittent sweep

Intermittent sweep is item cheat age, but that doesn't mean age would you also wear. Considerably wider level you must avoid when twenties had gone too far. Thus, when young, please actively wearing it.

Cow bibs

You are very vulnerable to the eyes lack sympathetic look at when the 33 years that's still an ox bibs. People will tell you "saw the horns do Nghe" should preferably be an it before it is too late.=

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