Mistake from tolerance leads to broken marriage

Mistake from tolerance

Like many other couples, Ms. Huyen once had a beautiful love. Calculated from the time of love to the wedding nearly 5 years. He is a good husband by nature, and of course if he does not love, she has not chosen him as the man of his life. But then, the disaster came when he unfortunately had an accident.

She took good care of him during that time, but when she passed away, she paid her back with a completely different person. Although he was stable, he returned to normal work, but he had negative actions and thoughts such as irrational irritation, cursing his wife and jealousy of his daughter.

Ms. Huyen gritted her teeth, she tried every way to motivate him, pulling her husband every year she loved but to no avail. Her life was followed by days of constant suffering.

"He went out to be generous to everyone but came back to spend time with his wife and children. He was jealously jealous, he came to work as a puppet, he stayed at home to 'look' at his wife. there is also a selfish thought, she also has no reason to continue this hellish marriage anymore, " said Huyen.

Then the two sides also resolved the case in court. Since her divorce, Ms. Huyen's husband often goes back to the foreign house to visit her son. Seeing that he had the heart to try to heal, everyone advised her to give her husband a chance.

Ms. Huyen recounted: "I love my son, she thinks that no one will take good care of their children with their parents, so she agrees to reunite. Well, a husband's day is a husband and wife meaning, how about almost ten years. But Only living for 1 week, he still has any kind of disability, so she asked anyone to come home, free each other. "

Duyen's wife and husband are gone but it doesn't mean that she can ban him near her. And that is why the cruel man has been cruel to the wife he once loved - right in his wife's house, in front of her father and the daughter of two.

Ms. Huyen had to abandon everything and stick to the hospital for more than a year, conducting 21 large and small surgeries."The days at the hospital are all the days of her blood and tears, her family, relatives and friends. The doctor diagnoses 90% of death but miracles have happened. You need to live, for others. I hope you will die, the more you have to live, live well, fight this bitter truth. "

For those who hurt me, the main opportunity is suicide

After what she experienced, Huyen said: "The biggest mistake of a woman is to equate love in marriage and love in the family. Meaning: what husband has a mistake, how to cause how to hurt his wife, he is still the father of his son, and any family is called complete without his father.

She gave him the opportunity because she thought that only her child would be safe. She forgives everything because she and her husband can still live together for the sake of meaning. But in the end, she ruined the immature soul of her child because of tolerance for an unworthy person.

There is no relationship between having a father and my child will be happy and married, his life will be less burdened. Her husband used to be a good man. But in the midst of this unruly life, no one would guarantee that the person who stood by his side every night would not harm him. So, women should not be foolish but endure too much, sacrifice too much or simply trust.

When people's hearts have changed, whatever they can do, just be able to satisfy the animalistic character in them. If she was tougher then, maybe she would not be this sad. "

Women should never forgive these mistakes of their miserable husband for life

Passion for gambling and alcohol

Men with alcoholism are often not ambitious, and they do not have any advancements. Their life just wants to make enough money to buy alcohol, how can their wives and children wear it. More frightening is the man who loves gambling, because of the blood red and black that crushed his family, took all the money in the house to pour into the casino to satisfy his immeasurable greed.

Wait until there is nothing left to sell, wait until the debt is permanent they will be 'bright eyes'. At that time, even if you kneel and beg your sisters, don't forgive, don't waste your tolerance on the unworthy man. Because if there is responsibility, loving their wife and children, they are not conscientious.

Upper arms stretched, lowering his legs with his wife and children

If enough respect and love for his family, this whole life, no matter how he is put into context, men never swing their fists and wives. Once you dare to have upper arms, lowering your feet means that they no longer respect your woman.

As a woman, even if you love your husband and sisters, do not hold back, endure the brutal blow of the brute. Remember, he can hit you for the first time, surely there will be a second time. Violent blood, violence will not be changed.

Blind jealousy

'Because I'm afraid of losing you, I'm so jealous', 'because I love you, if I don't love you, I won't be jealous' are the familiar words that my crazy husband jealously uttered. He was willing to shout, scold and forbid his wife to meet the opposite sex. He even wants to separate you from the outside. They are so selfish that they want their wives to wholeheartedly devote their time to the family.

Women do not let obscene words blurred, remember, if you believe in your wife enough, both husband's marriage has not been controlled, so his wife is imprisoned.