Learn extreme fashion women's gu Office West

Sure that many of you were ever wondering if public institution of Western women dress when going to do? Like the fashion Department of Asian or Vietnamese? Fashion is a general trend around the world, every country, every region, every territorial area has a different cultural traits for her own characteristics should also affect tastes, aesthetic fashion of each person. However, the fashion trend is the development of the whole world. Although there are differences but still have these common traits between the Office fashion East and West.

However make sure you also noticed that Western women dress the young, dynamic and the way than Asian woman or public office. Also from the basic outfit such as shirts, jackets, suits, trousers, jeans, high heels ... they have the mix, distribution map, features to create a unique style for yourself. Please see the Department of the West clothes choices as to how.

With a dynamic work environment, the V neck shirt sexy deep sharing of the same shape in Capri trousers to the ankles are the Department of the West. Mix together the transverse slender straps sandal high heels or classic.

The traditional shirt styles are also more choice of girlfriend.

The seemingly t-shirt is a simple item is also the "gut" of the Department of the West. With this, you can learn how to mix map as above with the blazer jacket, pants, trousers, canvas shoes with high heels or sneakers.

Impossible not to mention the pencil skirt feminine legs. With this dynamic costumes you can mix together shirts t-shirts shirt, blazer ... a bit of the computer than if you apply layer styles, white on white or color block.

You like to the youthful, dynamic and stylish as the population of the Department of the West don't hesitate to try the instant shape body dress sexy, glamorous like this. To better fit the work environment you should choose colors elegant, tastefully neutral colors as such.=


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