Frightful when you suggested ... husband do 'it'

I do not doubt that her husband's brother again stroked me and said: ' For you once, then you will not do anything anymore. '

New wedding and my spouse has just rented a small house in the city to stay on because the family nor well-off should my husband brother decided to go away. I and my husband are also excited because he knows tu Chi, as days ago always ask for money family waste.

Frightful when you husband suggest ... doing ' it '.

Because, the school more than two, so he married my house up in lesson time. The House I rented was not very wide, only a bedroom should be added outside the bed for him to sleep. Although very shy because to sleep he anhh like that, but my husband also found less worried because he's very relaxed, not thinking what the praise.

He's learning time is not fixed at all, a bright afternoon at school, so at the time we contact with you lot. The family becomes even more fun because there are stories of my husband and him. First time since think he up here so I'm not familiar or ask and talk to his brother does not feel sad in time in our House.

But things don't have to think or awkward when he's always had these outrageous actions and words to me. More at our story interrupted when I dropped out because of his speech: "look nice". I don't know why he has these words like that, I thought it was only social statement.

But more action and how often he stayed home as more than made me afraid to start with the appearance of the husband at home. Don't just stop at the words too intimate that he did have these outrageous actions.

One day because my husband worked on later than usually on only me and him in the House, if only me and him in the House, it will be very inconvenient and intuitive problem will occur. Although known as such but I could not believe that her husband's brother to take action again stroked me and say: "I love the guy Hung House?", I've never up shaping what was going on, he said: "For you once, then I won't do anymore".

At the moment I saw the disgust this brother. Not only take place once or twice like that, that throughout a first week he always had the word pornography, and refers to "that" a lot of times.

During her husband's brother is at home, I've been trying hard to evade eye contact and his actions. See more I Dodge, he has too much action, straight at her husband brother in my bedroom many times, at then ask to borrow something, ask the other where.

I see the fear of this brother, I do not dare shower when my husband is not home and each have only two brothers at home, I always heart a reason as markets go there to work not in the same House with him when he is away Township.

I'm very concerned what the speculation is not or should not have to say anything to my husband, I worry about my husband will think I don't like his brother should talk about this new story. And I worry that if people knew then only I was underprivileged. I must say how with my husband so that he understood and not lost a brother.

I don't want this to happen again, I don't want to add anything more deeply entangled as it can leave a bad wife, Chong and his family home to my husband. Now I have to do? People please give me tips with. I'm thankful for.=