I thought that I was wearing a lot of clothes but in fact, both Korean and Vietnamese stars were very smart in choosing protective gear

The skirts, shorts, short bodysuit are often used by Korean women to show their long legs and hot body when performing on stage. However, these short designs made the suffering of many people blush. Even when carefully wearing extra protective pants, many Korean stars are exposed to this tiny pants without even knowing it.

Korean women have always had this problem so far because most of the girl groups' performance costumes share the same short costume formula, there are also quite a lot of Vietnamese stars showing their protective pants. in general, Vietnamese stars are more advanced thanks to a very small detail.

Korean stars

Momoland's Nacy is often faced with a bad situation when she is on the stage when she is styled "for" short designs but with black protective pants.

The type of protective pants worn inside the pants or skirt are very popular in Kpop, but most of them have black clearly visible inside the short performance costumes.

The Red Velvet girls also sometimes show traces of tiny black pants when wearing short skirts or tight.

This dress is not too objectionable but slightly unsightly. High split skirt flaps to reveal pants in and leg straps are "intended" of the stylist. However, instead of choosing the color of the pants that stand out differently from the color, the stylist should replace the item with the same color as the dress on the outside.

Vietnamese star

Recently, Minh Hang participated in a performance at an event in Ho Chi Minh City. Wearing a short skirt showing off her long legs, slim waist and sexy bare shoulders, the singer quickly caught the attention of the audience present here. However, because the skirt was too short, Minh Hang accidentally encountered an unfortunate incident right on the stage. Specifically, during the performance with the dance company, the dance was so sung, the skirt shrunk, revealing protective pants inside.

Minh Hang has just had an incident similar to Korean idols: She also wore protective pants when wearing short skirts. But instead of wearing different types of black or different colored pants, she chose to sink pants completely colored with skirts to avoid being exposed too much in front of thousands of people.

Area short white dress, Dong Nhi also choose the same color protection pants to reveal it is not too sensitive.

Even Bich Phuong also wears sparkling protective pants of the same color with a short tight hug so no one knows where they are.