Revealing the Emperor's secret room in the Forbidden City and the tight schedule of 'that story'

1. Break into the room of the Chinese king

The female beauties selected to prohibit the Emperor's service are all wonderful women.

The pillow story of the Emperor is often taken care of by the eunuchs. The eunuchs in the glass of the room - the place to keep books to monitor and arrange the Emperor's pillow story - help the King to select the female palace and the frequency to serve.

The rooms of the kings have the main red tones.

King bed is located (ready) to be decorated with an elaborate decoration, embroidered with long white letters with yellow letters on the bright red background. On the mattress there are also pairs of long-Phung and the song Song Hy in the middle.

The room space is not only carpeted, but also designed many panels of screens, great joys .

The ancient Chinese emperors possessed a three-bow, a six-storey, lost a second, but usually in the life of each emperor was only married once officially, called "great marriage". However, there were exceptions, when the queen was dethroned, the king could remarry.

A beautiful female after being a relative of the King will become the Queen, living happily in the forbidden brocade.

2. The emperor has a tight schedule of 'that story'

In ancient China, emperors were always arranged by slaves to schedule a very detailed and dense sex. Basically, it is a tightly controlled constant rotation of selected concubines from the list of thousands of frequency bands in the bow.

By the Sui Dynasty, the last king of the dynasty at that time was Sui De De (581 - 618), who had kept one queen, two crowns, six concubines, 72 women and more than 3,000 women in the post. supply.

With such a great amount and frequency, the Emperor's 'room' schedule is considered an important task to guarantee the king's longevity. The glass of the room is a separate agency responsible for recording and managing the imperial palace's impregnation.