7 things parents should do to help children have better memory, grow up they will INTELLIGENT THEM

Call the child's name when chatting

If parents want to nurture the memory of a child from a young age, parents should start from calling the child's name. Just this time, the child knows that you and the child are talking to each other, usually calling the baby's name because he wants the child to think basic logic.

In fact, mothers who talk to children can tell fairy tales, sing, or just laugh at them. The interaction between parents and children is the best way to stimulate children's brain development.

Catch the moment when children have good memory

In the process of raising children, the best time for children to remember is before going to bed and getting up in the morning. Parents can tell children a fairy tale, can sing or read a poem for young children.

For older children, parents help children visualize, remember, rearrange the knowledge that they have learned. This is a good way for children to remember lessons in the most scientific and fastest way.

Morning is the time when children remember the fastest

Keep the spirit of comfort for children

Worry, stress, fatigue will make your child's memory worse. Therefore, parents should keep in mind to help children stay optimistic and comfortable despite any circumstances. Bad mood will cause everything to turn upside down, resulting in the information that children once memorized will gradually be encrypted and can be forgotten.

Create repetitive habits

Usually, a task that is repeated many times and continuously over a long period of time will help the child's brain remember quickly and accurately. However, for older children it is necessary to understand what the problem is that they are learning, not just repeating like a machine while they do not know what they mean by themselves.

For children to play sports is also a way to forge memory

Make sure your baby sleeps

Sleep plays a very important role for the brain to have time to rest and regenerate. If your child gets to sleep early, getting enough sleep in a day will help memory better. Conversely, if insomnia, the mind of children will not work well, children will be very easy to forget. Therefore, parents should train children to get into bed at 9am and sleep straight to train their memory better.

Eat right

Proper nutrition helps your child's memory better, especially for children from 5 to 12 years old. Parents should supplement vitamins B-6, niacin and thiamin especially Omega-3 fatty acids. These substances are often found in salmon or walnuts.

She should break the meal of the day into 6 meals rather than just 3 main meals. This will improve the brain function of the brain and help children improve their memory.

Exercise regularly

Regularly practice sports with your child every day so that your child is always alert and relaxed. When the body moves, it helps the blood to move to the brain faster, the muscles are also expanded, not only to help the baby be healthy but also to improve memory significantly. Parents can play with children such as soccer, shuttlecock, basketball, fitness .