Disastrous mistakes when baby milk

(Phunutoday)-the milk is an important nutritional source not only for kids but also for the whole family. Milk-drinking habits have been shaped in the family, but was the disastrous misunderstandings about drinking raw milk.

The milk is as special as possible

Someone said that drinking milk will cause the body to absorb the highest amount of nutrition. In fact, such thoughts are not scientific, in milk composition of milk powder more than water, causing milk intake exceeds the normal standard.

There are also people who think milk is too pale, need to add milk powder. But if for small children often eat kind of condensed milk as above will be vulnerable to diarrhea, constipation, anorexia even food and can lead to inflammation, heat, acute intestinal bleeding because a child's organ still can not take on the task.

Better milk powdered milk

Iron and phosphorus content in fresh milk components not suitable for immature digestive system of infants. If using fresh milk for children too early, not the not absorption of nutrients but also cause kidney disease.

In addition, lactozo has in promoting fresh milk produced Bacillus of colon causing baby's colon system easy-born diseases, at the same time the component minerals increase the activity of the kidney twice the young phenomenon caused dehydration, constipation, hot in. .. Use fresh milk soon are not good for the baby

Should not add much sugar

Add sugar to improve the taste of the milk but also increases the risk of overweight, obesity. Too big sugar also makes the digestive system to encounter trouble in the process. According to experts, 100 ml milk should only add 5-8 g sugar is enough. Time to add the proper amount of sugar is when the milk is heated under 50 degrees centigrade should not add sugar as breast milk at high temperatures of 80-100 degrees C as will produce the chemical reactions that make up the glycosylated compounds lysine harm health.

Milk + Orange + lemon = abdominal pain

In orange juice or lemon water has a very high acid content, so when combined with milk has more protein will cause the protein change, making the discounts of the protein in milk, and is very easy to cause abdominal pain.

Orange, lemon is the taboo combination with milk, please?

Boil milk

In particular, in the Western countries, very seldom they drink hot milk which usually only drink cold milk.

Delicious chocolate milk?

Milk + chocolate will do a lot of little interest because of ... milk and taste of the chocolate. And not a few parents think it's the perfect combination, just help the baby to have more nutrition, very tasty. But to think that's a mistake.

When the same chocolate milkshake will cause the calcium in milk component reacts with oxalic acid contained in chocolate, producing calcium oxalate. Therefore, the original calcium components which have high nutritional value are now turned into material harmful to the body, which lead to calcium deficiency, diarrhea, slow development of small children, dry hair, brittle bones, increased incidence of diabetes in humans.


Drink milk with smoking: bad habits

They are also easy to form the membrane covering the drug, causing calcium, ma-gê and other trace elements in milk have to react with the components of the drug, created the material insoluble in water, so minimise the adverse effects of smoking, but also harmful to the body. So before or after taking 1-2 hours should not drink milk.

Shouldn't drink no milk The memory for my mother's breakfast drink of milk, please?

Children age 1 to only drink milk with enough nutrition?

Although breast milk and powdered milk are indispensable components in the process of development of the child, however the need for adding extra food, avoid nutrient deficiency or anemia, zinc. Supplemental feeding, depending on age: 4 months old begin to eat the yolks, 5 months old to eat more vegetables, ground, 6 months for small fish to eat garbage, 8, eat more mashed beans, animal or gan grinder.

the milk does not substitute for other foods =